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Characteristics Of Unhealthy And Healthy Relationships

'Give and Take' is a modern-day slogan of a couple in a happy and healthy relationship. On the contrary, unhealthy relationships are those which thrive by inflicting abuse of all kinds by one partner on the other. A toxic relationship is where one tries to exercise control over the other. Well, no human relationship is without expectations, but creating a fine balance is the key.

Here's why you need to have a clear understanding of healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Healthy Relationships

Mutual respect- It is so important as it helps you respect the boundaries and values of the partner.
Trust- It means belief in the partner no matter what
Honesty- It improves trust and cements bonding.
Compromise- In the initial stages of a relationship, it is difficult to exercise your influence over the partner on all matters. A policy of Give and take has to be followed.
Individuality- One should not sacrifice one's personality to the other at the altar of marriage. They should conserve their identities and pursue their interests as usual.
Honest Interaction- Honest and open communication should be encouraged between partners while taking care to follow the basics of a good conversation, that is to speak one at a time and not choose to interrupt during an idea exchange.
Impulse Control- Anger should not be suppressed as it may lead to undesirable consequences. Do pranayama exercises, count up to ten, or vent out your anger. We all get angry, but how we express it can affect our relationships with others. Anger can be handled in healthy ways such as by taking a deep breath, counting to ten, or talking it out.
Fairplay- Minor fights and bickering are a part of every normal relationship. Every fight should be an eye-opener and lead to a plausible solution for the problem for which you were engaged in a fight with your significant other.
Finding a Solution- People who are in the initial stages of relationships, should try to solve problems and not create problems. The problem can be tackled by talking it out, with the other, with a view to solving it.
Understanding- You must learn to empathise with your partner and try to know why he behaves the way he behaves.
Self-confidence- The degree of self-confidence that you exhibit in your relationship can extend even in your relationship with others, You can always express yourself without hurting others in the bargain.
Being a role model- This is possible by showing mutual respect.
Healthy sexual relationship- During the initial stages of a relationship, both partners must respect each other's preferences and not cause discomfort by being demanding.

Unhealthy Relationships

It is important for us to recognize unhealthy relationships from a distance and not let them influence our life to any extent.

Control- One partner takes all the decisions and shows jealousy by separating the partner from his or her friends.
Finding Faults- You must not find faults with the partner unnecessarily and upset them by trying to change their personality characteristics.
Dishonesty- You must not lie to your partner, once you accept him or her to be a part of your life. Do not hide any information from your past that your partner ought to know. Lastly do not cheat on your partner.
Disrespect- Do not disrespect their views or look down upon them in any way. Do embrace the differences as they are also a part of the package that represents what your partner is made of.
Clinging- Being clingy or dependent on the other partner will only damage the relationship as he or she may take drastic steps if the relationship ends.
Intimidation- You must not gain control over your partner by scaring them or creating fear about you that will unsettle the partner.
Physical Abuse- Getting physical is not at all a way to get your way. Abusing your partner physically amounts to a crime.
Sexual Violence- Your partner should be not forced to get physically close against her/her will.

This checklist certainly helps the youth to take the right steps ahead in their relationship. Being open-minded, with an ability to spot toxic relationships can save you from physical and mental abuse much later.

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