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Reduce Gastritis + 6 Other Health Benefits Of Parsley

By Chandana Rao

Do you feel a burning sensation in your stomach after every meal? Do you feel bloated very often?

If yes, then you could be suffering from gastritis and this is a common digestive ailment which can make a person feel extremely uneasy all the time!

Gastritis is a condition in which there is an inflammation of the intestines and stomach lining due to the production of excess digestive acids triggered due to a number of reasons.

Stomach bloating, excess gas accumulation in the stomach, constant burping and flatulence, acid reflux, nausea, stomach pain, loss of appetite, vomiting, etc., are some of the common symptoms of gastritis.

When a person does not consume healthy, balanced meals at the right intervals, it could lead to gastritis. Other causes for this condition could be stress, obesity, side-effects of certain medications, etc.

If gastritis is left untreated for a long time, it could even cause stomach cancer.

So, here is a kitchen ingredient, which can reduce gastritis permanently.


Kitchen Ingredient Which Can Treat Gastritis

A recent research study conducted at the University Of Edinburg has found that parsley leaves, which are commonly used in our kitchen, have the ability to treat gastritis and reduce its symptoms permanently.

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This Is How Parsley Treats Gastritis

Parsley is rich in potassium and vitamin K. These nutrients have the ability to reduce the production of excess acids in your stomach and also soothe the lining of your stomach and intestines, thus reducing gastritis symptoms.


How Permanent Is This Remedy?

When you consume this parsley leaf remedy on a regular basis, its positive effects can help you permanently, by treating gastritis and keeping its symptoms under control.


Method Of Preparation

Boil a handful of washed parsley leaves in water. Now, leave the leaves in the water for about 2 hours, with a lid on. Then, strain the water and collect it into a glass. Consume this water every morning, before breakfast.

Note #1: This parsley remedy can only work if you start consuming healthy foods, which are not oily and spicy. Skipping meals can also make this remedy ineffective. Smoking and alcohol must also be avoided, as they worsen gastritis.

Note #2: If you are experiencing chronic gastritis symptoms, you must seek professional help immediately! In chronic cases, this remedy may not be very effective. Pregnant women must speak to their doctors before consuming this remedy.

Here are the other benefits of parsley, take a look.


1. Treats Diabetes

Parsley is rich in flavonoids and antioxidants, which can reduce the blood sugar levels in a diabetic patient and also balance out the insulin hormone production, thus keeping some of the diabetes symptoms under control.

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2. Treats Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition in which the joints in the body stiffen and start to ache with movement. Since parsley is rich in antioxidants, it can promote the healthy flow of blood to the joints and cartilages, thus treating arthritis naturally.


3. Reduces Pain

We already read up on how parsley can reduce the inflammation in the stomach to treat arthritis, right? Similarly, parsley can also reduce inflammation in other parts of the body, thus reducing pain, as it comes with anti-inflammatory properties!

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4. Treats Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are hardened deposits of minerals and waste collected in the kidneys, causing pain and other symptoms. Parsley is a natural diuretic which can flush out the deposits in the kidney and help reduce the number of kidney stones, naturally.


5. Boosts Immunity

Parsley is rich in antioxidants and potassium, both of which can strengthen every cell of your body and enable them to fight diseases, thus boosting your immunity and keeping you healthy.


6. Prevents Cancer

A number of research studies have found that the antioxidants and flavonoids found in parsley can help prevent certain common types of cancers by curbing the growth and multiplication of cancerous cells in the body.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 13, 2018, 21:00 [IST]