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7 Popular Fitness Myths You Must Never Believe!

A popular quote goes like this, "Fitness is not just a hobby, it is a lifestyle". If you are someone who understands the importance of fitness, then you can relate with the above quote, right?

Well, whether we already know the fact or not, being fit and making an effort to get fit is extremely important if we want to have good health.

Also, you can only see the results when you make fitness an essential part of your life, rather than just a passing hobby, which loses your attention in a short span of time.

According to a number of research studies and statistics conducted all across the globe, the past decade has been the peak when it comes to fitness.

That is, more and more people are opting to workout on a regular basis, by joining gyms, Zumba classes, cross-fit courses or simply walk, jog, run, practice yoga, etc.

So, as more and more people are becoming interested in fitness lately, the facts and myths related to fitness have also started cropping all, all over, especially on the internet.

Following certain fitness myths could prove to be harmful for your health!

So, here are a few popular fitness myths that you must not believe in!

1. Crunches Are Enough To Attain 6-Pack Abs

Most men and many women too today want to sport a flat, strong abdomen, with a 6-pack, right? Many people who workout feel that just doing a lot of abdominal crunches regularly can help them get a 6-pack. However, this is not true. 6-pack abs require a combination of weight-lifting, abdominal exercises, cardio exercise, along with a protein-rich, low-carb diet!

2. Cardio Must Be Done First

A lot of beginners at the gym feel that, they must get cardiovascular exercises such as running on the treadmill, cycling, etc., out of the way, before starting their weight training session for the day. However, experts say that, performing cardio exercises first can make you more exhausted early and prevent you from indulging in weight training in an effective manner!

3. Never Workout On An Empty Stomach

Many people who start to workout, especially people who are on the weight loss journey, are advised to eat well before working out. However, experts opine that, there is no harm in working out on an empty stomach, as long as you make sure that you keep drinking water, unless you have a medical condition that requires you to eat before working out. Working out on an empty stomach is known to burn more fat; however, do speak to your doctor about this tip!

4. All Kinds Of Pain Are Normal

When it comes to fitness, people are told that, pain after working out is completely normal. While this may be true, as a little pain and soreness in the areas that you have worked on is normal, if you feel an unbearable sharp pain or a numb sensation at any part of your body post workout, it could indicate the presence of an injury or a muscle pull, which must be checked by a medical professional.

5. Heavy Weights Bulk You Up

This myth is mostly believed by some women who are into fitness. This is a misinformation, as lifting heavy weights on a regular basis cannot bulk a woman up, by giving them a lot of muscular mass, as women do not have the testosterone hormone required for that to happen! So, unless a woman takes mass gaining supplements, lifting heavy will not bulk her up!

6. Don't Workout Every Day

There are a few people who believe in this myth where they think that working out every day is "too much" for the body to handle, so they tend to workout a couple of times in a week. While working out a few times in a week is alright if you want to just maintain your weight loss or muscle gain, you must workout every day, if you are still in the process of losing weight or gaining muscle mass!

7. Only Cardio Is Enough For Weight Loss

A lot of people looking to just lose weight feel that just cardiovascular exercises, such as running, jogging, cycling, etc., are enough to help them lose weight and weight lifting is not required. However, a combination of both weight-lifting and cardio exercises is required for weight loss, as weight lifting can also boost the metabolism to a great extent, to help the body burn more calories.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 26, 2018, 18:00 [IST]
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