Worst Habits That Women Must Immediately Stop Following

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There are a number of bad habits that, being a woman, we have to stop doing in order to protect our bodies. There are certain worse habits that we ought to not do and trust us, gynaecologists are against these bad habits as well.

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In this article, we have listed some of the top bad habits that affect women's health. Whenever you visit a doctor, you might have several expectations of him/her. You want them to be super-knowledgeable, nice and punctual. But, guess what? They expect you to be listening to their suggestions as well, which prove to have an impact over your health.

The list of common bad habits that we have shared here will have an adverse impact on your reproductive system. Before you read this article, you need to ask yourself some questions. Do you dread having an intercourse? If yes, why? Is it because of the pain associated with it? Have you ever asked yourself why it hurts when you have sex?

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Some of the points given here are the top habits that women must avoid. There are certain bad habits that affect women's health, and it's high time you stop doing it for your own good, ladies.

Continue reading in order to know about the bad habits that affect women's health.


1. Not Changing Your Sweaty Clothes:

You might have got done with a heavy workout and may be are too tired to change your clothes. Well, you're just making the environment easier for yeast infection to thrive on.


2. Ignoring Heavy Menstrual Flow:

It doesn't matter if you're nearing your menopause; but if your tampons or pads overflow in a very short period of time, then your menstrual flow is not normal. It's high time you consult a doctor for this.


3. Wearing Thongs or Panty Liners:

Wearing those throughout the day will only block the ventilation and it can also pull and rub the area, casing irritation. It is considered best to ditch wearing it before hitting the bed.


4. Douching:

Douching can upset the vagina's natural balance and therefore increase the risk of you contracting infections. This is one of the top bad habits that affect women's health. Vagina has the ability to clean itself and douching only interferes with this process.


5. Self-Treating Yeast Infection:

A normal discharge must not be considered as a yeast infection and self-medicating will only worsen your problem. It is always better to consult a doctor instead of going by your self-cure attempt.


6. Answering Calls During A Medical Examination:

This is something that tops the list of common bad habits that affect women's health. Proper treatment can only be attained with an understanding between a doctor and patient. Most of the gynaecologists despise this behaviour and it is best if you stop doing this.


7. Not Changing Pads Or Tampons:

It is considered best to change your pads every four-five hours once, otherwise it may lead to several consequences like infections, rashes, itching sensation and many more.


8. Having Unprotected Sex:

It is always better to have safe sex and also remember to urinate immediately after having one to prevent any infection or entry of bacteria or viruses inside your body.

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