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Unhealthy Habits Of Women

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As the caretaker of the family, a woman is the guide towards a fit and healthy life of the family members. However, there are few bad habits in women that can be unhealthy for them. These habits are regularly practiced by them but, are not observed.

What are the bad habits of women that are unhealthy?

Unhealthy Habits Of Women

Crash diet: When an old dress starts becoming tight on the body, women become scared. The urge to lose those extra pounds and make the outfit fit on the body like before becomes their new goal. Just to lose weight, most of the women go on crash diets. Skipping breakfast or just surviving on fluids is a common method used by a majority of women. Let me tell you that this is a bad habit that can be harmful for a woman's health. Lack of nutrition and minerals can damage the body organs. Women, do not forget that every month your blood count falls due to your menstrual cycles, you have to balance the blood levels to stay healthy and look beautiful. Dieting without proper guidance spoils the beauty of a woman.

Bras: To enhance the breast size and keep them in shape, many women wear extremely tight fitting bras. Also, going to bed without opening the bra is another unhealthy habit of women. Firstly, tight bras can reduce the flow of blood in the breast thus opening the gates for breast cancer. Wearing a bra and sleeping is another risk. Lack of blood circulation can be risky for your bosom. Prefer the right bra size to enhance the shape of your breasts. Ill fitting bras can spoil the shape of your breasts and also lead to back and neck pain.

Heavy earrings: Women love accessories. Heavy dangling earrings looks great with outfit. But, after returning from the party, many women do not take out the heavy earrings. Sleeping with the earrings on can be risky for your earlobe. Avoid heavy earrings as they can enlarge the hole pierced in your earlobe with its weight.

High Heels: Women love to wear heels. According to majority of women, heels boost up their confidence levels and also shapes their figure. Although, high heels can help shape the body posture, it has few disadvantages too! Ankle pain, joint pain and back pain are few common health problems women face after wearing high heels. Make sure you wear comfortable footwear that doesn't bring you pain.

Underwear: Genital hygiene is very important. Women need to be more careful in this context. When you go to the market, you buy underwear that looks tempting to you and is comfortable too. But, very few women check the quality or fabric material of the panties. Synthetic panties do not dry easily thus making your genitals prone to yeast infections and bad odour. Also, itching is a common problem that women face if they wear synthetic panties. Make sure you wear cotton underwear as they are light and dry easily.

These are few unhealthy or rather bad habits of women that are practiced by majority. Avoid these unhealthy habits to stay fit.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 3, 2012, 11:23 [IST]
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