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This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Hold In Poop

By Sravia Sivaram

It's kind of awkward to go for a quick poop moment in places where you're not familiar with. Most of us are even hesitant to poop at our workplace as well.

This prompts us to develop some weird holding patterns and habits. Holding in poop is not only unhealthy but also very dangerous for the state of your body.

There are certain things that can happen to your body when you hold in your poop.

Poop is a combination of waste material and bacteria that is a result of the body's digestive system.

Everyone's schedule and frequency differs. Some go for a few times in a day and some visit the washroom once every couple of days.

Holding your poop during some rare occasions is still fine, but this shouldn't be done every time. The longer you hold the stool in the colon, the harder it becomes.

These factors can lead to colon damage and double the strain of expelling it later. This article will let you know what happens to your body if you hold your poop for too long.

Holding your poop can lead to distended bowels and problems with normal stooling in the future.

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In this article, we have discussed about what happens if you hold your poop. Read further to know more about the side effects of holding in your poop.


1. When You Need To Hit:

When stool hits the part of the rectum, it sends the signal saying that it needs to be unloaded. It usually occurs after your morning tea or in the morning. Caffeine acts as an intestinal stimulant that makes you want to poop immediately.


2. After Two Hours Of Holding It:

When you hold your poop for 2 hours, you tend to tighten the voluntary sphincters. In the first few hours, you'll feel abdominal pressure. Holding it can lead to a gassy and bloated feeling.


3. After Six Hours:

Your body will start impacting your poop. At this point, you'll lose the urgency to poop. But the point is, you have been constipated. This is one of the side effects of holding in poop for long.


4. After 12 Hours:

The longer the stool stays in you, the harder it gets. You'll start noticing a bigger belly and it becomes difficult for your stomach to become flat again. This will let you know what happens if you hold your poop.


5. If You Keep Holding It Every Time You're Out Or Do This Frequently:

Voluntarily holding of the poop can lead to the stools becoming rock hard. If it gets impacted enough, then you'll require laxatives or even manual removal aids to get the hard stools out. So, the bottom line is, you need to go to the bathroom right away when you feel like it.

Story first published: Thursday, July 20, 2017, 18:45 [IST]
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