Unusual Symptoms Of Testicular Cancer That You Must Never Ignore!

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Cancer - the deadly disease that can affect living beings can have serious implication on one's life, as we all know. Did you know that there are a few symptoms of testicular cancer that a man must never ignore?

Yes, it is very important to gain knowledge about the various ailments that can affect us and their symptoms because recognising the symptom is the first step towards recovery.

If we fail to recognise the symptoms of dangerous diseases, then we may not be able to get the right kind of medical help in time, causing the disease to grow and worsen!

As we may be aware, cancer is a disease that can affect both men and women; however, there are a few kinds of cancers that are gender specific.

For example, breast cancer and ovarian cancer can affect only women, while prostate cancer and testicular cancer can affect just men, for obvious reasons.

So, here are a few unusual symptoms of testicular cancer that you must never ignore; have a look.


1. Swelling Of The Scrotum

If you notice that there is a swelling in your scrotum, be it a bigger one or a smaller one, you must get tested for testicular cancer.


2. Painless Lumps

Another unusual sign of testicular cancer is the development of lumps in the testes, caused by the abnormal growth of cancerous cells.


3. Back Pain

Men with testicular cancer may also experience a dull, nagging pain in their lower back, that seems to persist for a long time, only getting worse.


4. Pain In the Lower Belly

Yet another symptom of testicular cancer is experiencing a constant, mild pain in the lower belly area, that many men mistake for gastritis!


5. Headache

One of the most common ailments that can affect us - headache, can also be one of the unusual signs of testicular cancer that most men ignore, until it is too late!


6. Chest Pain

Yet another unusual symptom of testicular cancer is chest pain; however, most of us would not link chest pain to testicular cancer, thus putting ourselves at risk.


7. Shortness Of Breath

If you are experiencing shortness of breath and fatigue frequently, with no apparent reason, then you must get tested for testicular cancer.

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