Prostate Cancer And Its Treatment

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Cancer of the prostate is a leading disease in men over the age of fifty. It is due to the irregular expansion of prostatic tissue cells. It is usually a slow growing tumour and remains localized at first.

Preventing this type of growth by early screening is important since as life span increases, so does the frequency of this cancer. Cancer of the prostate occurs when unusual cells, fuelled by male hormones like testosterone, grow uncontrollably to form tumours. The potential risk of cancer of the prostate increases steadily with age.

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Your risk is higher if you have close relatives who have had cancer of the prostate. This could be the result of a defective gene. The gene could improve the possible danger of men in the family getting cancer of the prostate.

best treatment for prostate cancer

The symptoms could start with issues in urinating like difficulty in beginning to pass urine, a weak, occasionally irregular flow of urine, dribbling of urine after and before urinating, a regular or urgent demand to pass urine or a demand to get up many times in the night to urinate.

Your doctor may ask you about the symptoms and will examine you for prostate cancer. A digital rectum exam is an examination of the prostate. Your physician may insert perhaps a lubricated, gloved finger into your rectum and feel your prostate throughout the wall of the rectum.

best treatment for prostate cancer

Your treatment for cancer of the prostate depends on several factors like how old you are and whether the cancer has spread and if so, how far. Sometimes, especially for slow growing tumours, no treatment is the best course of action.

Newer techniques which are utilized for treating cancer of the prostate with radiotherapy include conformal radiotherapy or high resolution intensity modulated radiotherapy. Conformal radiotherapy shapes the radiation beams to match the form of the prostate.

best treatment for prostate cancer

Brachytherapy involves implanting radioactive seeds into, or next to, the cancer in your prostate. Brachytherapy is more efficient if the tumour is small and you have early cancer of the prostate.

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