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Alarming Signs Of Prostrate Cancer

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The concept of 'No-Shave November' is to increase awareness by embracing our hair. It is in honour of prostrate cancer patients who lose their hair after chemotherapy.

To observe no-shave November month, all you need to do is donate the money you usually spend on shaving and grooming in a month to educate people about prostate cancer and it's prevention.

Prostate cancer has affected nearly ¾ of our population. It is a type of cancer that is considered to be a 'silent' killer. The symptoms for this cancer are bleak and men, usually tend to brush them off or avoid discussing the symptoms with their near and loved ones.

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Prostate cancer is formed in the tissues of prostrate which is a gland present in the male reproductive system. If patients ignore the signs, the cancer can spread in the entire body.

Moreover, prostate cancer is very rare before the age of 40 but the risk increases with age. Most of the cases of prostate cancer are detected in the late 60s. Men who are suffering with erectile dysfunction, have difficulty in urinating, suffer from lower back pain and burning sensation should immediately get themselves tested.

Here are few more signs of prostrate cancer that men should not ignore:


Bloody Urine

A cancerous growth in the prostrate gland damages blood vessels and causes bleeding. If blood is spotted with semen during ejaculation, consider this to be a warning sign of prostrate cancer.


Back Pain

Men who suffer from constant lower backache during ejaculation, should visit a specialist without a delay. This is a sure sign of prostrate cancer.


Erectile Dysfunction

Apart from the other reasons of erectile dysfunction, a painful ejaculation and erectile dysfunction when faced together are some signs of this type of cancer.


Frequent Urination

Visiting the loo during peak hours at night and through the day is another symptom men should not ignore, especially when the consumption of liquids is minimum. If you are frequently visiting the loo during the day and night too, without consuming too much of liquids then this is a sign to visit your doctor immediately.


Burning Sensation

A continuous burning sensation and pain during urination is not normal and should be diagnosed immediately.


Swollen Penis

An inflamed and sensitive penis is a sign of prostrate cancer. Along with this problem, one would also face urination problems as well as a sexual dilemma.


Unable To Pass Urine

Facing a difficultly in passing urine? Get it tested as it is one of the signs of prostrate cancer. This occurs when a tumor grows on the gland, not allowing the urine to pass through the uterara.

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