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    10 Health Benefits Of Consuming Tulsi Leaves Early In The Morning

    Regarded as one of the holy plants since ancient times, tulsi is considered sacred and is worshipped by majority of people across the Indian subcontinent.

    This isn't all, tulsi is also known for its innumerable health benefits. The best way to have tulsi leaves is to take a few of them, wash them thoroughly and then chew them.

    Yet another way of consuming tulsi leaves is to take a bunch of tulsi leaves, soak them overnight in about 2 litres of water. Drink a glass of this water early in the morning on an empty stomach.

    health benefits of tulsi

    Boosting the immune system is one of the top health benefits of tulsi leaves. Consuming tulsi leaves on a regular basis, thus, helps in fighting bacteria and viruses and prevents cold, cough and other infections.

    In addition to this, the rich antioxidant properties of tulsi leaves help fight free radicals and prevent cell damages. As a result, tulsi helps in preventing several major health ailments.

    Listed here are a few of the health benefits of tulsi leaves that you need to know. Take a look.


    1. Boosts Immunity:

    Known for their rich antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, tulsi leaves help in boosting the immune system. Take a bunch of tulsi leaves, soak them overnight in about 2 litres of water. Drink a glass of this water early in the morning on an empty stomach.


    2. Helps Treat Cold & Sore Throat:

    Due to its rich antimicrobial properties, tulsi helps to treat common cold. All you need to do is take a few tulsi leaves, wash them and boil them along with water. You can drink this water and use it for gargling too.


    3. Good For The Heart:

    Tulsi leaves are found to be good for the heart. Known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, tulsi helps promote a good blood flow and prevents any heart-related ailments. You can just take a few tulsi leaves and chew them or drink tulsi water early in the morning.


    4. Good For The Liver:

    Known for its rich antioxidant properties, tulsi helps in detoxifying the liver and reduces the fat build-up, which otherwise can have a serious impact on the liver. Consuming tulsi on a regular basis helps in detoxifying the enzymes and protects the liver.


    5. Helps Improve Digestion:

    Consuming tulsi leaves or tulsi water early in the morning on an empty stomach is one of the best ways to better your digestion. It helps restore the body's pH level and balances the acid level in the body.


    6. Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes:

    Tulsi is one of the best-known herbs for preventing diabetes. The essential oil from tulsi leaves extract contains eugenol, methyl eugenol and caryophyllene, which supports the functioning of pancreatic beta cells. This helps increase the insulin sensitivity and in turn lowers the blood sugar level.


    7. Reduces Cancer Risk:

    Consuming tulsi leaves or even drinking tulsi leaves-infused water on a regular basis helps in reducing the risk of cancer. Tulsi is known for its rich antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties, which help in fighting cancer cells. Tulsi has been helpful in preventing the progress of breast and oral cancer.


    8. Stress Reliever:

    Tulsi contains adaptogen, which is one of the best-known anti-stress agents. Due to this, tulsi helps in providing a soothing effect to the nervous system, regulating the blood circulation and preventing free radicals from affecting the body. Chewing about 5-6 tulsi leaves twice a day helps.


    9. Helps Remove Kidney Stone:

    Tulsi has been helpful in lowering the amount of calcium oxalate and uric acid in the body, which enhances the formation of kidney stones. Not just this, consuming tulsi leaves and tulsi leaves infused water also helps in reducing the pain caused by kidney stones.


    10. Helps Fight Bad Breath:

    Tulsi is known for its rich antibacterial properties. Chewing a few tulsi leaves helps in effectively fighting bad breath. One can also prepare a paste by mixing dried tulsi powder and mustard oil and applying it gently over the gums. This helps prevent bad breath.

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