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Signs You Are A Hypochondriac!

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A person who suffers from a condition known as hypochondriasis is called a hypochondriac. This condition is a type of anxiety. That is why it is also called as illness anxiety.

When a person suffers from imaginary fears related to health, that too, when one is healthy, it is a sign of this condition.

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Even when a small health issue arises, they might conclude that it could be some major health issue and start worrying about their lives. The worry or fear becomes an obsession soon if it isn't controlled. Here are some signs....


Sign #1

Do you have the habit of searching the Google for every small symptom you have? Well, if that turns into an obsession making you worry that the symptoms you have must be of a life threatening illness, then it is a sign of illness anxiety.


Sign #2

Imagine this situation. If a person suffers a minor headache that too once a year, does he need to conclude that it is migraine or brain tumour? Well, that is exactly what a hypochondraic does. He might assume that his minor issue is actually a major one.

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Sign #3

Sometimes, even when you are totally fine, a nagging fear of falling ill surfaces and torments you. And this fear makes your day miserable. This is one sign.


Sign #4

When you go to the doctor to confirm your fears, the doctor simply rubbishes those meaningless fears. But still you come home and continue fearing that you are not okay.


Sign #5

The next day, you go to another doctor in order to take a second opinion. And if he too says that you are fine, you keep going to several others as you are not convinced that you are totally healthy. This is one sign.

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Sign #6

Whenever you come across a friend or a neighbour, you keep talking only about your health issues and how they have been troubling you even though you are fine.


Sign #7

Too much of worry over nothing and needing constant assurance from others that you are healthy are also signs of illness anxiety. It is better to seek counseling from a medical expert in such a situation.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 10, 2017, 8:45 [IST]
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