What's The Best Time To Eat?

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When you eat your food is as important as what you eat. Your body takes its own time to digest food and absorb the nutrients. If you can schedule your meal times favourably, your body will be able to absorb the food better.

For most of us, eating on the wrong times has become the order of the day due to many reasons like busy schedules.

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And some of us even go to an extent of skipping the breakfast due to a morning meeting or a busy day at the office. But here is what the experts say about the ideal meal times...


Your Breakfast

If there is an ideal time to eat the first meal of your day, it is between 7 Am and 8 AM. Why? Well, your body takes a long break after your dinner; so it needs some fuel to start your day.


What If You Wake Up After 8AM?

Ensure that you finish your breakfast before 10 AM. If you eat after it, it becomes your brunch, affecting your appetite levels on lunch time. This makes you hungry again after 3 PM. That makes you snack more. So, the root cause of all problems is not having an early breakfast.

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How To Calculate The Ideal Time?

Remember this ground rule. The first meal of the day should be eaten exactly after half an hour after you wake up.



Plan your lunch between 12:30 to 2PM. In fact, 1PM is the best time to have your lunch.


What If You Eat Late?

Even if you are late, ensure that your lunch is over before 4 PM. If you don't eat lunch on time, your stomach may start growling and you may feel irritated, frustrated and tired for no reason.

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The Ideal Time For Lunch

The best time to eat your mid day meal is exactly after 4 hours of the morning meal. Yes, the gap between breakfast and lunch cannot be more than 4 hours.


What About Dinner?

The healthiest habit is finishing your dinner by 6:30 PM. Yes, it is healthy to eat your dinner between 6-9 PM.


Remember This

Even if you are a bit late, ensure that you finish your dinner before 10 PM. Also, say no to midnight snacks as they spoil all your weight loss plans.

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Dinner Tip

The ideal way to avoid weight gain is by having your dinner at least 3 hours before bed time. If you sleep by 10PM, ensure that your dinner is over by 7 PM.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 7, 2017, 8:39 [IST]
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