Why Men Shouldn't Jump Without Underwear

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An underwear will heat up the privates and may kill sperm. So, remove it while going to bed. But some men take this habit to the next level and wear nothing inside for the whole day.

Is that really okay or is it dangerous? Well, some activities need an underwear. There should be something to protect your poor privates.

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Even if you hate wearing an underwear for the whole day, wear it at least when doing certain activities. Here are they....


When Jumping...

When you perform jumping jacks or sprints without an underwear on, the hanging parts of manhood may get hurt or take a blow which is very painful. Sometimes, it could have serious consequences.


In The Trial Room...

If you are planning to buy a new pair of pants, what would you do? You go into the trial room and try the new clothes, right?

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You select a pant to try. But a few people might have already tried the same pants before you. What if the bacteria from their privates get deposited on the pants?

Well, if you don't wear undergarments, the bacteria may easily get into you and may cause minor infection if your immunity isn't in good shape at that time.


When You Repeat A Pant For 2 Days...

Some of us wear a pair for two or three days. That's okay if you have the habit of wearing undergarments but that's not okay if you don't want to wear an underwear.

The bacteria from the privates builds up on the pants after a day or two. Wearing the same on the third day might make you smell bad. The risk of an infection could also increase.


When Wearing Skinny Jeans...

When you are wearing a tight pant, going without an underwear may be risky. The friction between the sensitive skin and the rough fabric may cut your skin and hurt badly. Also, the hanging parts may get crushed when you sit or squat in tight pants.

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When You Are Going For A Long Walk...

Any action which involves repetitive actions may increase the risk of chaffing. You might need your privates to be protected from the friction.


When You Take Up A Sweaty Activity

If you are going to sweat, wear something inside your pants. Bacteria love dark and moist places. If the sweat is not absorbed by your undergarments, your privates become a messy place later.

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When You Kick...

If you are into martial arts, performing kicks is a part of your routine. When you raise your leg with full force, your privates need protection as they may undergo shock or face forces from various directions.

Wearing an underwear keeps them safe. In fact, you need to wear it even when lifting weights or doing any activity that involves moving your whole body.

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