Do You Know About These Different Kinds of Dementia Other Than Alzheimer's?

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Dementia is an umbrella term used to refer to some specific and general symptoms which include a progressive mental decline of cognitive function that impacts an individual's normal daily processes. It is not classified as an illness, per se, but rather as a syndrome which includes characteristic symptoms and signs.

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Treatment for dementia with the usage of drugs and medicine is aimed at three categories of symptoms: to improve brain function and cognition, to treat behavioural symptoms, as well as for pain management. Despite the fact that dementia is not reversible, physicians will look at whether the decline in mental function is the result of other illnesses that are treatable.

different types of dementia

1. Vascular Dementia:
Today in this article we shall talk about different kinds of dementia. The first one is vascular dementia. Vascular dementia happens when there is a clot in the brain or a blood vessel which causes reduced blood flow to the brain. This can end up causing strokes or hamper the proper functioning of the brain when it comes to organizing and planning.

different types of dementia

2. Lewy Body Dementia:
Lewy body dementia is the next type of dementia that many people suffer from. Lewy bodies are nothing but clumps of protein that end up affecting the cortex area of the brain. These gather here and cause Parkinson's disease, hallucinations, sleep disturbances and muscle rigidity. The brain in this case is unable to interpret what you see.

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When these lumps of protein gather in particular parts of the brain and damage nerve cells that are responsible for the secretion of dopamine, this ends up causing Parkinson's disease. There will be tremors, delay in movement and forgetfulness.

different types of dementia

3. Frontotemporal dementia:
The next one is frontotemporal dementia. In this case, there is some damage in the frontal area of the brain and causes changes in attitude in people. It is seen that there is a difference in their communication skills, behaviour and personality.

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different types of dementia

4. Mixed Dementia:
The last one is mixed dementia. In this case, it is a combination of Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia. Generally, people who are very aged, mostly over eighty years suffer from this type of dementia.

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