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Memory Loss: Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment
Do you feel like you have been more absent-minded and forgetful lately? If yes, then there may be a few surprising reasons for your memory loss, apart from a common ailment like Alzheimer's disease. Forgetfulness in normal, we all have it. ...
Memory Loss Types Causes Diagnosis Treatment
Did You Know These Amazing Health Benefits Of Endive?
Scientifically termed as Cichorium endivia, endive belongs to the genus Cichorium consisting of several leafy vegetables. Endive is not to be confused with chicory, something a lot of people tend to be. Endive is something you can always see being added ...
Endive Nutrition Benefits Recipes
9 Foods That Cause Memory Loss
A study finding has found that trans fats may play havoc with your memory and also increase your cholesterol levels. The researchers found younger men who consumed high levels of trans fat performed more poorly in a memory test. The study ...
MIND Diet: Benefits, Foods To Eat And Meal Plan
The Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay diet, or more commonly, the MIND diet, is the combination of the DASH diet and the Mediterranean diet. The fairly new diet focuses on the top brain-healthy foods emphasized by both the Mediterranean and DASH ...
What Is Mind Diet And Benefits
Epstein-Barr Virus: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), also called human gammaherpesvirus 4 is a member of the herpes virus family . EBV is one of the most common types of human herpesvirus types in the herpes family. EBV causes mononucleosis, or the commonly known ...
How Is Delirium Different From Dementia?
A disturbed state of mind referred to as delirium, often confused with dementia, involves feelings of illusion, restlessness and incoherence. Read on to know more about delirium, its causes, treatment and how it differs from dementia. What Is Delirium? It ...
How Is Delirium Different From Dementia
Blood-thinning Drugs May Reduce Dementia Risk: Study
You might have heard from your elders or doctors talking about blood-thinning drugs and the reason you need to be careful about them. But a new study has found that blood-thinning drugs can actually be helpful as well. According to the ...
Blood Thinning Drugs Reduce Dementia Risk
Diabetes, High Blood Pressure Increases Risk Of Dementia
Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two major lifestyle diseases and have been rightfully termed as silent killers. You might have heard of diabetes and high blood pressure increasing the risk of heart problem or renal failure, but a recent ...
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