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8 Early Signs Of Dementia That You Should Not Ignore

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Have you been in a situation wherein you try to remember a name of a movie or a place and you just can't seem to get it? It can be quite frustrating, right?

Well, people with memory-related disorders go through the same kind of frustration and confusion, only it is a hundred times more!

Living with a condition that leads your thinking, social skills and memory to deteriorate at a significant rate is truly depressing, not to mention fearsome.

Dementia is one such condition that can seriously hamper a person's life and his daily routine, as it causes a series of symptoms that deplete the patient's memory skills, thinking abilities and cognitive functions.

Rather than a disorder, dementia can be called a group of symptoms that are jointly responsible for impairing a person's brain functions.

Dementia has no known cure and the symptoms usually get worse with time. This condition can be caused by various reasons such as brain cell damage, Alzheimer's disease, head injury, stroke, brain tumour, etc.

There are certain early signs of dementia that must not be taken lightly. Read about them here and do seek professional help if needed.


1. Short-Term Memory Loss

People at the risk of dementia may be able to remember the things from their past, but not what they did a few hours ago, this is called short-term memory loss, which could be a warning sign.


2. Difficulty In Communication

Some people may have difficulty in framing proper sentences while speaking or may tend to forget certain common words used during a communication. This symptom could also be a sign of dementia.


3. Mood Swings

Although there are a lot of causes for mood swings, if they are rather extreme and lead to depressive and aggressive behaviours, it could mean that the person may be affected with dementia.


4. Apathy

If people become abnormally devoid of emotions and show indifference, losing interest in most daily activities, they must be tested for dementia.


5. Difficulty In Doing Tasks

If a person suddenly finds it hard to carry out daily activities and normal tasks that he/she used to do with ease before, it could mean that he/she is at the risk of dementia.


6. Confusion

If a person tends to get confused during effortless tasks, doesn't understand simple storylines, goes through confusion when someone tries to converse with him/her, these could also be signs of dementia.


7. Repetitiveness

If a person repeats the same task that he/she has just finished doing or if he/she keeps on conversing about the same things that were already done by him/her, it could be yet another sign of dementia.


8. Decreased Sense Of Direction

A person at a risk of dementia tends to lose the sense of direction and may even forget where his/her house or workplace is, in extreme cases. This is a sign that should definitely not be ignored.

Story first published: Thursday, May 19, 2016, 19:30 [IST]
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