Tips To Prevent Dementia

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Dementia is nothing but deterioration of the brain. The reasons behind the damage could be physical or emotional but the risk is higher as a person starts ageing.

If you keep yourself active both mentally and physically, the risk can reduce. If you have a short attention span or depression, you may have to work out more to prevent dementia at an old age.

Symptoms like frustration, lack of focus, memory loss, confused state of mind, delusions, weakness and so on are like a wake-up call to prevent dementia. So, here are some tips.


Tip #1

It is better to avoid foods that contain saturated fat as they can increase the risk in the long run.


Tip #2

Drinking alcohol is a very big contributor to the risk of dementia. Avoid it after you cross the age of 40.


Tip #3

Your diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables as they have all the nutrients to save your brain from damage as you advance in age.


Tip #4

Most of us don't know that smoking can increase the risk of brain damage or dementia. Avoid smoking to cut your risk.


Tip #5

Salt intake is another risk factor. Reduce your intake to decrease the risk of dementia.


Tip #6

Daily workouts will surely help your body stay in condition and many studies claim that physical and mental activity can save the brain from dementia.

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