Is Filter Coffee Bad For You?

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Nothing can stimulate your senses better than a cup of coffee in the morning. But sadly, caffeine is among one of the most overused stimulants. In fact, we are addicted to caffeine.

If you have thought that the only side effects of caffeine are headaches, insomnia, jitters and diuresis, then you need to know something else too. A study says that it can raise the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 15%.

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Caffeine can raise cholesterol levels and homocysteine levels in the blood which is a bad thing. This study claims that even filtered coffee can impact health. Here are some facts.


Fact #1

Coffee contains compounds known as terpenoids. Even if you filter the coffee, these compounds cannot get totally eliminated. And they are said to increase the risk of heart disease.


Fact #2

A study claims that those who wish to work on their cholesterol levels may need to stay away from coffee. Quitting coffee can decrease the levels of homocysteine and cholesterol.

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Fact #3

If you have the habit of drinking coffee soon after a meal then it could diminish the absorption of minerals and vitamins. If you are already suffering from deficiencies, ensure that you stay away from coffee.


Fact #4

Caffeine is also said to hamper calcium absorption. It also makes you excrete calcium through urine. Though the effects are negligible, experts suggest moderate coffee consumption and that too not after calcium intake.

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Fact #5

All types of coffee (even filter coffee) can slow down zinc absorption in your body. If you consume nuts, beans, poultry, red meat or oysters for lunch, don't drink coffee for a few hours as the zinc from your diet may get excreted.


Fact #6

Caffeine may also interfere with vitamin absorption by affecting receptors of vitamin D though more studies need to confirm the same. Also, as coffee makes you urinate a lot, vitamin B gets secreted more.


Fact #7

Coffee can also affect iron absorption. So, avoid eating foods like chickpeas, lentils, nuts and peas just before drinking coffee. In fact, it is better to stay away from caffeine.

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