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These Dangerous Things Happen To Your Health When You Apply Too Much Makeup!

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If you are someone who loves to look your best on a daily basis and you use a lot of make up to enhance your looks, then you need to know that too much makeup use can harm your health!

With the great array of makeup products available in the markets today, which promise to make you look amazing, it is rather hard to resist the temptation of wearing makeup on a daily basis.

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With the help of the right cosmetics, you can cover the blemishes on your face, make your eyes look sexier, make your features appear well defined and also get that perfect pout, using your favorite shade of lipstick.

As we have witnessed, makeup has the power to completely transform a person's appearance, in just a few minutes, without any cosmetic surgeries!

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However, it is also a fact that most makeup products are infused with numerous chemicals that may be harmful for your skin and health in general.


1. Bone Diseases

It is found that, cadium, a chemical used to prepare cheek blushes of a lighter colour, can get into your pores, reach the bones and cause bone diseases and infections.


2. Kidney Failure

Again, cadium, found in makeup products like cheek blushes and bronzers can affect the functioning of your kidneys, if it enters your system and can even cause kidney failure.


3. Infertility

Lead, one of the most dangerous, yet common chemical found in some lipsticks, sunscreens, foundations, etc., is linked with causing infertility in many women, as it can cause hormonal imbalance.


4. Delayed Puberty

When young girls use a lot of makeup containing lead, it can cause certain hormonal imbalances in them, leading to a delayed onset of puberty.


5. Dizziness

Cosmetic products like nail paint, hair dyes, etc., can contain a harmful chemical known as toluene, that can cause unexplained dizziness and headaches.


6. Cancer

Certain lip balms, lipsticks and sunscreen lotions contain a toxic chemical known as benzophenone, that claims to protect your skin from the UV rays, however, this chemical is linked to causing cancer!


7. Endocrine Diseases

Certain cosmetic products like creams, moisturisers, hair-conditioners, foundations, etc., contain chemicals known as parabens, that can affect your endocrine system and cause related ailments.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 18, 2017, 9:30 [IST]
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