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Cosmetic Dangers: Is Makeup Killing You?

They say beauty is skin deep but artificial beauty that you force upon yourself with makeup goes deeper; in fact it is hooking it's roots to your very life. There are hidden dangers in cosmetics use that will shock you out of your wits. We are not trying to alarm you into throwing away your vanity case and go green but these are hard facts that cannot be denied.

There are toxins all around us in the polluted air, the adulterated food we eat but there is something really creepy about picking up these chemical filled cosmetic and using them directly on you skin! You even stand back to admire the effect. Some of the major dangers of cosmetic use are as follows.

How Cosmetics Are Dangerous?

1. Beauty Soaps: You surely do not bathe with homemade organic soaps. Most women go for this special category called 'beauty soaps' for their fragrance and seeming 'soft skin'. Now all these commercial soaps have an exceeding high ph count that totally removes the acidic layer of the skin. This makes skin prone to infection and is the leading cause of skin cancers.

2. All Day Makeup: Do you really want to know the secret of all day makeup? It is gross, your makeup is stuck to your face all day at the cost of your lungs, liver and kidneys. Phthalates is a cosmetic chemical used as a solvent for makeup that makes it long lasting, however this dangerous chemical seeps through the skin and is inhaled to spoil your vital organs.

3. The Base Of Your Beauty: Foundation powder is the base of your beauty, as in, it is the first layer of dangerous makeup in contact with your skin. Do you what is contains? Asbestos like talc, exposure to which can cause tumours. When it reacts with Benzene in the atmosphere it forms a carcinogen.

4. A Blush Of Death: The blusher you use to highlight your cheeks is a cosmetic chemical derivative of the female hormone estrogen. It can make breast cells grow abnormally in a short period of time. What was the number one killer disease among women these days? Breast Cancer.

5. Lips Of Wax: The cosmetic dangers of using lipstick have long been debated because in many cases you (and your better half) eat it. Lipsticks contain paraffin which is proven carcinogen and yet you are licking it up and eating it with your food everyday.

6. Cancerous Eyes: Have you had watery eyes after smudging your mascara? You were probably too worried about your blotched makeup to bother with it's effect on your eyes. You mascara is firstly the breeding ground of a million bacteria because it is liquid and stale. Other than that it contains potentially cancer causing polyvinylpyrrolide (PVP).

I guess the saying 'if looks could kill' has come true in this age. Better be forewarned about dangers of cosmetics so that you know that you had killing beauty on your side.

Story first published: Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 13:13 [IST]
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