Health Facts You Don't Know

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Some health tips sound silly but they do work in the long run. Some habits have a cumulative effect. They show their benefit in the long run.

For example, eating an apple every day is good for health. But it doesn't mean that you will get the benefits if you just eat an apple for one day or a few days or weeks and then drop it.

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In the same way, overuse of mobiles all the time could be harmful. But we cannot see their effects in a day or two. The cumulative effect may be experienced at a later stage. Here are some more health facts which you must know...


Fact #1

If you are using a smart phone, it is better to use your left ear to listen to your caller as the right ear is said to be a bit closer to the brain.

Also, when the battery is too low (below 10%) it is better to not take any calls as the radiation could be 1000 times higher.


Fact #2

When it comes to taking a tablet or a pill, we just take it and move on. But it is not advisable to sit down or lie down after taking a tablet. It is better to take a walk or engage in some physical activity (if your health permits).

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Fact #3

Strawberries are delicious but most of us don't know that they also have the capacity to neutralise uric acid! A glass of juice thrice a week may help.


Fact #4

We prefer coffee but drinking a glass of milk daily from a young age can prevent bone related problems in the old age!


Fact #5

We are told to drink lots of water. So, we drink water anytime. But drinking more water during the day and less water in the night can be good for digestion.

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Fact #6

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But a basil leaf a day can keep some types of cancers away. Also, a lemon a day can keep fat accumulation away. But if such tips have to really work, one may needs to make it a habit from a very young age.


Fact #7

What is the best food to keep you young? Well, eating cherries every day can slow down the ageing as it is very high in antioxidants that fight free radical damage. Also, they have a calming effect on your nerves.


Fact #8

Eating celery every day can lower your blood pressure, minimise the risk of cancer and also promote healthy gums and teeth.

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Fact #9

Cheese contains a substance known as tryptophan which minimises stress and treats insomnia. It reduces migraines strokes too.


Fact #10

What's the best time to sleep? Well, many studies say that it is between 10pm-4 am. But most of us are up till 12 and wake up at 8 or 9 am! The cumulative effect of nay habit may show up in the long run!

Story first published: Wednesday, April 26, 2017, 9:39 [IST]
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