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Never Eat These Foods Before Sleeping

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You need sufficient sleep to allow your body to repair itself. If the quality of your sleep is compromised, you tend to wake up tired.

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Your productivity may suffer and gradually your health also may suffer if you don't get enough sleep. So, if you wish to sleep peacefully, you may need to avoid certain foods in the evening.

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What are they? Read on to know about what not to consume before sleeping. Also, ensure that you de-stress yourself before sleeping because stress is the first sleep killer.



Celery would wake you up frequently to make you pass urine. Its considered a diuretic and therefore, it has to be avoided before sleep.


Sugary Foods

There are some studies which claim that eating sugary foods just before sleeping may cause nightmares; though there isn't enough evidence to support this argument, it is better to avoid sweets and chocolates at bed time.



As garlic is a hot and a spicy food, it might up the temperature of your body. It may also cause acid reflux, upset your stomach and may disturb your sleep too.



Alcohol kills the quality of sleep as your body fails to get deep sleep as long as alcohol is in your system. Also, it dehydrates you making you wake up and drink water.


Ice Cream

As ice cream contains lots of fat which can't be burned before you sleep, it is better to avoid eating it in the night. If you have the habit of eating it before bed, you will gradually gain lots of weight.



Even cigarettes make you restless in bed making it tough to fall asleep. Also, they could cause snoring and insomnia in some people.



Even caffeinated beverages are bad for your sleep. As caffeine is a stimulant, it shouldn't be taken before relaxing.

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