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15 Habits For A Better Living In 2015

By Anirudh Narayanan

Another new year and you hardly noticed any difference, right? But this New Year can be different with a little effort from you. New Year is the time for reflection and silent contemplation. Look into the past year and note down your accomplishments, examine critically your mistakes and make a mental note of where you fell short.

Make sure it is the last time you look back to the last year, for the New Year is already here and it's time to take stock of the situation and make some new habits for your own good living.

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It is human nature to want a new beginning at the end of each year. It helps people make fresh starts as they are full of optimism and determination. These habits that we handpicked for you aren't going to magically transform your life but with constant hard work and resolve, you will see a change brought forth by these habits. It will in turn lead to your good living.

So read on and find out what these habits are.


Wake up early

This New Year 2015, dig out that alarm and wake up when the sun does. Take a walk amidst nature and breathe in the fresh air. You will understand why people say that it is one of the best habits for a good living.



One of the best habits that you could pick up this new year is meditation. In this constant madness and hullabaloo, a little time to just resonate your thoughts within you does wonders. Let meditation be high on your agenda this year.


Juice instead of coffee

We know you love your coffee, but we should also tell you that while it doesn't do much good for your health, it actually works against it. This new year 2015, fruit juices are the way to go and we couldn't offer a better tip for healthy living.


Take the stairs

We know it takes longer than the lift and it isn't pleasant walking into the office huffing and puffing but your health is your responsibility. Taking the stairs provides a much needed pump-up for the day and leads to better living.


'Me' time

Everybody needs some 'me' time. Take a time out from your busy schedule and spend some time with your best friend, who happens to be yourself! A very good habit to practice this new year would be to keep some time aside for your mental and emotional well-being.


Be grateful:

One of the secrets to being happy is to practise being grateful each day, day in and day out. You could be grateful for something as simple as breathing but what matters is that you be grateful for something. Being grateful is one of the essential habits for good living.


10-minute quickie

No, we aren't speaking love making! We are speaking about one of the best habits for healthy living in any new year. It is none other than exercise. Apps are available to show you exercise modules and they don't take longer than 10 minutes.


Laugh your heart out

Laughter is the best medicine. We all know that since childhood. But now rarely do we engage in a heartfelt laughing session. We aren't suggesting you to join a laughter club. But get in touch with that clown inside of you. It is a known fact that laughter helps in better living.


Tech blackout day

Technology was made to make our lives easier, but it has done the opposite. We are constantly on our latest gadgets, spending time we don't really have. So, one of the good habits that you could pick up this New Year would be a ‘tech blackout day', where you say goodbye to your gadgets for a day and spend time doing something that you always wanted to do.


Read something every day

A great habit to cultivate, not just for this new year, but for any year would be reading. Read anything that makes you think or which makes you just plain happy. And make sure it is a book, as anything electronic is again making you dependent on technology and the feel of a book is any day better than that ebook reader.


Learn a new language/hobby

Remember those online French classes that you took? Well, this New Year tips to a better living would include learning a new language or developing a new hobby. It helps in keeping your mind agile and you will have some new skills as well.


Let go off the past

Make a pact this New Year 2015 to let go off the past for your own good. What happened cannot be changed [unless someone builds a time machine: that would be so cool!] but what you still have is the present. Make it a habit for your own good living to let go off things.


Quit a bad habit

Resolutions after resolutions, you thought of quitting that habit of yours a hundred times. Maybe it is time you actually quit. Keep yourself busy or divert your mind. It actually helps! Withdrawal symptoms will be there, but they will cease to exist and it will help your way to better living.


Daily routine

Make 2015 the year when you actually got around to having a daily routine. Daily routine is a good habit that you could pick up this New Year and it will help you lifelong. It helps you in dividing your time and setting up your priorities.


Be Kind, Rewind

Kindness is a virtue you offer to people and without any doubt, it makes you a better person. This New Year, kindness is the habit to be practiced. Kindness is the way forward and it will lead to your better living.

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