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Health Benefits Of Wearing Copper Bracelets


Many Indians wear copper bracelets. Both men and women wear them. Wearing copper seems to have a therapeutic effect on the body and that is why since centuries people wore copper ornaments.

If you are allergic to copper, you can skip using it but otherwise, copper seems to boost immunity and offer several other health benefits too.

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Very less scientific evidence is available explaining the benefits. But still, there are no side effects of wearing a copper bracelet unless your skin is allergic or sensitive to copper. Here are some more facts.


Relieves Stiffness

Copper bracelets are said to relieve stiffness in the joints. Those who are suffering from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis experience stiffness.

They may find some relief after trying a copper bracelet. Actually, a copper bracelet sits on the wrist. How it reduces joint stiffness experienced in other areas of the body is still a mystery.


Reduces Pain

Apart from reducing joint stiffness, copper bracelets are also said to minimise the joint pain especially in those who suffer from arthritis. (Some sources claim that copper can have an anti-inflammatory effect.

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Helps In Mineral Absorption

A study claims that the micro-minerals like zinc and iron which are present in bracelets made of copper mix with sweat and get absorbed into the body. If a person is deficient in those minerals, the problem gets solved.


Better Than Supplements

Some sources claim that copper bracelets work better than supplements. The reasons could be this: micro-minerals are more effective as they can directly get into the blood stream through sweat. It can offer benefits for joints and tissues in the long run.


Cures Deficiency

Copper deficiency could cause a condition known as aortic aneurysms. This deficiency could also raise bad cholesterol levels which could affect your heart health. So, wearing a copper bracelet could be healthy for your heart in the long run.


Other Benefits

Copper has some other benefits too. It can reduce the toxic effects of other metals, it can trigger certain enzymes in the body to produce hemoglobin.

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Copper bracelets also seem to make the person wearing them feel better. Copper can also slow down the ageing process as it is high in antioxidants.

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