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11 Foods Rich In Copper That You Need To Add In Your Diet
Are you aware that there is an essential mineral which is required for producing melanin, certain tissues and coding enzymes in the body? It's none other than 'Copper'! Yes, copper is a trace mineral which plays a key role in forming ...
Health Benefits Of Wearing Copper Bracelets
Many Indians wear copper bracelets. Both men and women wear them. Wearing copper seems to have a therapeutic effect on the body and that is why since centuries people wore copper ornaments. If you are allergic to copper, you can skip ...
Health Benefits Of Wearing Copper
Why Drink Water From Copper Containers?
Ancient Indians used copper vessels. In fact, we still see many people of the previous generation waking up and drinking water from copper vessels in the morning. For that, they first store some water in a copper container overnight. Though this ...
Are You Getting Enough Copper?
Copper bracelets have been worn for ages for their amazing health advantages. The fact is copper bracelets have an immediate positive effect on the human body. Worn by Pharaohs, Indian Rajas, Chinese Emperors, Persian Kings, Alexander the Great and numerous others, ...
Are You Getting Enough Copper
Tasty Recipe To Try With Copper Vessels
Today in most of the houses we use, aluminium or steel vessels to cook our foods. But did you know that if you cook your food in the copper vessels, the food tastes good and also there are many health benefits.In ...
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