Why Drink Water From Copper Containers?

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Ancient Indians used copper vessels. In fact, we still see many people of the previous generation waking up and drinking water from copper vessels in the morning.

For that, they first store some water in a copper container overnight. Though this idea might not sound appealing, it is a therapeutic measure.

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That is why it has been followed as a remedial measure since ages. Now, here are some benefits of this practice.


Benefit #1

Water stored in copper containers is said to boost your digestive ability and also helps your body burn fat more efficiently. Your stomach contracts and relaxes in certain ways in order to digest food. Copper has properties that promote that process. It is also said to minimise inflammation and eliminate bacteria. This is why many people drink water from copper containers first thing in the morning.


Benefit #2

Drinking water from copper containers is also beneficial for your heart. It can control cholesterol levels, prevents plaque buildup and also controls blood pressure.


Benefit #3

Copper also has the capacity to fight free radical damage. It can slow down the ageing process as it contains antioxidants too.


Benefit #4

Your body needs copper for thyroid function. Drinking water from copper vessels could help prevent copper deficiency.


Benefit #5

Copper is a mineral which helps in speeding up of brain signals. So, it helps in brain function too.

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Benefit #6

Copper has the ability to kill certain types of bacteria like e coli. Most of us generally fall prey to water born diseases. Copper vessels may help in preventing such illnesses by killing bacteria.

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Benefit #7

As copper is anti-inflammatory in nature, it can also prevent arthritis.


Benefit #8

Copper is both antiviral and also antibacterial in nature. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. That is why it is considered as a fast healer. Also, it is said to boost immunity and help the body in producing new cells.

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Benefit #9

Copper plays an important role in helping your body absorb iron into blood. So, in a way, it also helps in preventing anemia.

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