Facts On Why Our Body Needs Sleep!

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We have often heard that our body requires 8 hours of sleep and if we fail to get it, we often become the victims of fatigue and we run low on energy. Amidst all this have you ever wondered why our body needs sleep?

Here we are about to share some of the facts on why our body needs its share of sleep.

These are the reasons that help the body to perform in a better way. Check out why sleep is so important for our body.

These facts will help you understand the science of sleeping and its pattern and why the body needs the required rest!

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When we sleep, our body is relaxed and our brain gets enough time and opportunity to clean all the junk files from our brain. These are the thoughts, worries, tensions that we would have accumulated during our waking hours.


Fact #2

Did you know that sleep is essential for our mind to maintain its mental stability? Well, it is because it helps the brain to function in a better way when it has relaxed.


Fact #3

Getting proper sleep helps our body to take rest and get prepared for the next day. It refreshes us and makes us energetic. It is very important as our body needs to relax.


Fact #4

Did you know that skipping even a single night of sleep can make a person cranky and clumsy? It does and nothing is worse than having a cranky day.


Fact #5

Studies have proved that the cardiovascular system gets a break during sleep. Hence even your health improves when you sleep!


Fact #6

Sleep is important as it gives an opportunity to the brain to reorganise data and it actually helps to find a solution to a problem.

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Story first published: Monday, February 6, 2017, 18:30 [IST]
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