What You Don't Know About Headaches

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All of us experience headaches. But what exactly is a headache? Well, it is nothing but a sharp pain in the scalp, neck or head. There are so many types of headaches.

The symptoms and causes of those headaches vary. Some examples of the types are migraine, cluster, chronic, recurring headache and so on.

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Headaches can make life hell for anyone as they could totally bring life to standstill when they are severe. Many prevention methods and medications are being discovered to treat all the above types of headaches. Now here are some facts...


Fact #1

90% of the human population all over the world experiences headaches at least once in a life time. Out of them, 50% of the people are said to suffer severe headaches, 25% are said to experience recurring headaches, 12% suffer from migraine and 4% are said to suffer chronic headaches.


Fact #2

The tension type headache is caused due to tension in the muscles or stiff neck. This is the most common type of headache we suffer.

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Fact #3

More than 90% of the people who frequently complain about headaches generally suffer from migraine which might go undiagnosed in the initial stages. Even tension can also cause migraine.


Fact #4

A sinus headache is caused due to sinus infection. One may experience pain in the area of the sinus and in some cases, the headache accompanies fever too.


Fact #5

A cluster headache is experienced very rarely only by a very small percentage of the population. But it causes severe pain for more than an hour in some cases. Nasal congestion and eye tearing could also accompany.

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Fact #6

There are several reasons behind a chronic daily headache. In some, it could be caused due to some medicines, or may be due to the history of migraine.


Menstrual Migraine

This type of a headache is said to affect at least 71% of the women. A headache just before or after a period or at the time of ovulation could be menstrual migraine. The reason behind this headache could be hormonal levels.

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Simple home remedies for common types of headaches include relaxation, ice pack, exercise, hydration, hot shower and coffee.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 3, 2017, 8:43 [IST]
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