Did You Know That Sun Exposure Can Improve The Immune System? Read To Find Out How!

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Avoiding the sun completely is a big mistake that you are doing for your health. You might be very well aware that our body produces Vitamin D in response to sun exposure on bare skin.

But there are several health benefits of sun exposure on our body and all you need to do is to read this article to find out its several health benefits.

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Many studies have shown that sunlight has immunity-boosting properties. Light was found to stimulate the production of hydrogen peroxide that helps to boost the activity of T-lymphocytes in the body.

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Just about five to ten minutes of sun exposure is enough to stimulate the production of hydrogen peroxide. We need to understand that it is not only plants that absorb and metabolize sunlight, but even human beings do too.

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The timing and duration of sun exposure is also very crucial when it comes to how our body metabolizes sunlight. Researches have also found that direct exposure to sunlight has shown positive impact on heart health.

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Read further to know about the health benefits of sun and how it helps to improve the immunity of our body.


1. Raises Vitamin D Levels:

Increased levels of Vitamin D in the body increases our chances of surviving cancer. It also helps with bone health, cognitive functioning, pregnancy and infant development.


2. Helping With Circadian Rhythm:

If you spend some amount of time under the mid-day sun, it helps anchor your circadian rhythm, which gives you optimum sleep. Further, studies have shown decreased levels of Vitamin D will lead to obstructive sleep.


3. Prevents Blood Pressure, Heart Diseases:

When sunlight touches the skin, nitric oxide is released into the bloodstream that helps protect the cardiovascular system. Nitric oxide is also know to be the best blood pressure-lowering compound.


4. Inflammatory Response:

Exposure to sun the aroused the anti-inflammatory gene activity in the body and thereby was known to protect the body against microbes and inflammation, as per a recent study.


5. Prevents Infections Diseases:

When the skin is exposed to UV rays, it is said to increase the potent anti-microbial properties of the body. UV helps in boosting the infection-destroying lymphocytes.


6. Boosts Brain Serotonin And Mental Health:

Sun exposure boosts the feel-good brain chemical serotonin and also improves mental health. This is why you generally feel better after spending some time outside.


7. Boosts Testosterone:

Sunlight boosts a man's libido, as it affects the testosterone level. Research also backs this, as low Vitamin D levels have been linked to erectile dysfunction.

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