Do You Know About These 21 Best Fruits For Women’s Health?

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best fruits for women’s health

You don't need us to tell you that fruits are good for your health. But what you may not know is that some fruits are better than the others.

So much so that they are not just fruits. They are superfruits!

Packed with vitamins, minerals, fibres, and antioxidants, the following are the 21 best fruits for women's health because they are capable of prolonging your life, improving your appearance, and even preventing major diseases.

Just remember: Have them whole because processed fruit juices or smoothies lose out a lot of these awesome effects!


#1 Apple

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" has become a tired cliché now. But clichés are always evergreen words of wisdom that have lost their charm because of constant re-telling.

Apples, whether red, green, or yellow, are wonderful superfruits because they are packed with fibres and antioxidants that can keep your body free of antioxidants. Plus, their skin contains a unique compound called quercetin, which has the ability to protect you from allergic reactions and inflammation.

And if that is not enough, numerous studies have proven that those who eat at least 5 apples every week are more immune to the flu and lung infections than their non-apple-eating counterparts.

Caution: Don't eat apple seeds, as they contain cyanide in them!


#2 Banana

Bananas might be calorie dense (they contain around 100 calories each), but they are wonderful fruits packed with potassium and healthy starch that can regulate your blood pressure, improve your kidney function, strengthen your metabolism, and give you a lot of stamina during work or play.

And the best part is, they fill us up fast! So, make sure you have one handy at all times to keep those pesky hunger pangs away.

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#3 Muskmelon

The muskmelon is a delicious fruit packed with fibre and vitamin A. And you should have it because it naturally exfoliates your skin, gives you a healthy glow, and improves your eyesight.


#4 Blueberries

These wonderful berries are quite famous for their powerful antioxidant effects on the body. But what you may not know is that they are rich in flavonoids that can boost your memory, improve your cognitive abilities, and reduce the risk of age-induced dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Plus, it can help you stay slim and trim. :)


#5 Grapefruit

The grapefruit is a superfruit for your heart. In fact, numerous studies have shown that it has the ability to reduce your blood cholesterol level.

Plus, it is a strong antioxidant capable of prolonging your life by reducing the number of circulating free radicals in your body.

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#6 Cherries

These delicious, red pearls are awesome fruits for women because they contain a class of compound in them called anthocyanins, which can reduce your cholesterol level and also improve your brain power!


#7 Grapes

Grapes, especially the red ones, contain a chemical in them called resveratrol, which helps promote the health of your heart, keeps Alzheimer's disease at bay, and can even prevent head and neck cancers.

Furthermore, this superfruit contains a special acid called malic acid that has the ability to keep your teeth white and stain-free. Just remember to have them before they ripen too much, as the concentration of this acid tends to decrease with time.


#8 Lemon

Lemons are packed with vitamin C, minerals, and fibres that have the ability to keep you disease free, prevent age spots, scavenge free radicals, and protect you from the harmful UV rays of the Sun.

Plus, they are extremely important for preventing gum disease and scurvy.

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#9 Dragon Fruit

This fruit is native to Malaysia but can now be found all over the world. And though it is not very sweet and can often taste bland, the reason why you should have it is because its seeds are packed with healthy fats, like oleic acid, that can reduce bad cholesterol in your body and increase the level of heart-healthy good HDL cholesterol.


#10 Cranberries

These sweet-and-sour berries are extremely healthy for women because science has proved that they can prevent urinary tract infections and ovarian cancer. So, make sure you add them to your diet.


#11 Blackberries

Believe me, if you eat a handful of berries, regardless of their kind, you will end up adding many years to your life. Blackberries are no different.

These beautiful superfruits contain polyphenols in them (like green tea), and thus can help protect you from heart diseases, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, and cancer.

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#12 Kiwi

These fuzzy fruits, native to New Zealand, are wonderful for women's health because they can naturally treat irritable bowel syndrome.

In fact, those suffering from this disease have reported an improvement in their condition and lack of symptoms after eating two kiwis a day for 6 weeks.


#13 Pomegranate

Cut into a pomegranate and you can see red jewels glistening within its womb. In fact, it is so beautiful that painters love adding them to still-life settings.

But the real reason why you should add pomegranates to your diet is because this sweet superfruit is rich in antioxidants and iron, and thus, can help menstruating women restock their lost iron stores and improve their blood-haemoglobin concentration.


#14 Orange

There are various kinds of oranges, but they all share the same superpowers bestowed upon them by their rich fibre content and high concentrations of vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, potassium, and calcium, all of which are nutrients that are essentially required by women.

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#15 Strawberries

Strawberries are delicious and they are good for your health.

This is because they are packed with folate and vitamin C, which are nutrients needed for the proper functioning of your body and immune system.

Plus, eating strawberries is known to whiten your teeth!


#16 Avocado

Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which reduce the level of bad cholesterol in your blood. And since fats are required for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, they also increase the bioavailability of vitamins A, B, K, and D in your body.


#17 Tomato

Don't be surprised. The tomato is actually a fruit. Not a vegetable. And they are super good for your health because they are rich in carotenoids, especially lycopene and beta-carotene, vitamin C, fibres, and potassium, all of which are nutrients required to keep your body running at full steam!


#18 Papaya

The papaya is a strong antioxidant because it is rich in vitamins A, E, and C. Just don't eat too much of them in one go, as they produce a lot of internal heat and can lead to diarrhoea.

Caution: Pregnant women should not eat papayas, as that can lead to an abortion or miscarriage.

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#19 Pumpkin

Yes, the pumpkin is actually a fruit too. And since it is packed with beta-carotene, it is extremely good for the health of your eyes, heart, and blood pressure.


#20 Watermelon

The best thing about a watermelon is that it is full of water, fibre, and vitamin A, but having very little calories. So have them if you want to stay healthy, hydrated, and slim.


#21 Pineapple

This delicious, although itchy, fruit is rich in a compound called bromelain, which is great for your digestive tract. So, if you suffer from bloating, gas and indigestion, you should definitely add this superfruit to your diet.

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