Here Is Why You Should Never Sit For Too Long!

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Are you having a desk-bound job that requires you to sit for long durations? If yes, then you must learn about some of the side effects long hours of sitting can have on your body.

Not just a desk-bound job, but even if you are someone who is lazy and loves to relax on your bed or couch by sitting for long hours, you could be in big trouble!

A research study has shown that sitting for long durations in one place can be extremely harmful for your health.

side-effects of sitting for a long time

However, many a times, especially with people who have desk-bound jobs, it may be quite hard to avoid sitting in a chair for too long!

So, it is important to make a conscious effort to indulge in physical activities at least for 30 minutes every day and walk around for a few minutes by taking a break from sitting.

Read more to find out why sitting for too long can be extremely harmful for your health, take a look.

side-effects of sitting for a long time

1. Increases Belly Fat
A research study says that many people who sit for long hours and those who work desk-bound jobs report of gaining belly fat rapidly! This is because the body's metabolism is slowed down while sitting, the amount of calories burned is low and also, it becomes easier for the fat to get deposited around the waist if you sit for a long time! We all know how dangerous excess belly fat can be!

side-effects of sitting for a long time

2. Back Pain
Another side effect of sitting for prolonged hours is back pain, especially if you are sitting on a chair and working on a computer, as this act requires you to sit in the same position, with your neck and head forward, for long hours, putting a lot of pressure on your spinal chord, causing back pain and even neck pain.

3. Increases Blood Sugar Level
Many experts have claimed that sitting for too long can cause an imbalance in the insulin levels produced by the pancreases, causing a spike in the blood sugar levels. When the blood sugar levels are high, a person can be at the risk of developing diabetes!

side-effects of sitting for a long time

4. Deteriorated Mental Health
Yet another side effect of sitting for too long can be a weakened mental health. When a person sits for too long, the blood's capacity to carry oxygen to the brain gets decreased, causing poor cognitive and memory skills, which may even cause depression!

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Story first published: Monday, November 7, 2016, 8:30 [IST]
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