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Why Belly Fat Is Tough To Lose

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Those who target fat loss, tend to struggle a lot when it comes to losing fat in the belly area. There are so many myths surrounding belly fat and this is why many people embrace all kinds of diet and exercise routines.

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Even after trying various diets and workouts, losing belly fat seems very tough because there are so many factors that play a role in the accumulation of fat in your body.

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Your hormones, your age, your gender and many other aspects are behind the buildup of belly fat. And if you don't do anything about losing the fat in that area, you may suffer many health issues in the long run. But at the same time, it is very important to know certain facts about belly fat.


Fact #1

Many people try to get rid of fat in a certain area as if it is possible. Science says spot reduction of fat is impossible. Even when you work out regularly only a single part of your body, even then fat reduction happens in all areas of your body or the way your genetics decide but you have no control over where to get rid of fat and where to keep it.


Fact #2

Though many factors like gender and genetics decide where fat gets deposited, often it appears to deposit at the belly first and leave that place last.


Fact #3

When it comes to losing belly fat, both exercise and diet are important. Also, if your life is filled with stress, you need to exercise more to ensure that cortisol related fat issues don't crop up.


Fact #4

When you are stressed out, your body tends to release a hormone called as cortisol. Stress can be one of the reasons for visceral fat. The problem is most of us cannot react to stress in a physical way and this results in fat accumulation.


Fact #5

Even insulin can also be among the causes of belly fat. High insulin levels may make your body retain belly fat.


Fact #6

The problem with visceral fat is that it can cause several health issues like type-2 diabetes, heart issues, high BP, certain types of cancers and more. So belly fat can even kill.


Fact #7

Hormones like estrogen may also cause belly fat. This is true especially in women who are about to reach menopause.


Fact #8

Another factor is age. With age, some people may start developing belly fat. Also, as the metabolism slows down, the possibility of belly fat increases.

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