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What Sitting For A Long Time Can Do To Your Body?

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Do you have a desk-bound job that requires you to sit in your chair for prolonged hours, working on your computer?

Do you love sitting comfortably on your couch and enjoy movie marathons for hours in a row?

If yes, then may be it is time for you to get off your behinds and avoid sitting down for so long because studies have shown that this habit can be extremely harmful for your health.

However, with our jobs confining us to our chairs all day long or our love for being lazy making the sitting habit worse, it can be quite hard for us to be active throughout the day.

side effects of sitting too long

Most of us would already be aware of the health hazards of leading a sedentary lifestyle.

If you do not make it a habit to indulge in physical activities at least for 30 minutes every day and, more importantly, walk around for a few minutes every hour (if you are sitting down for long hours), you could be at a risk of serious health disorders.

If you are curious to know how sitting down for a long time can harm your body, have a look here.

1. Expands Your Waistline

Sitting down for hours together, without moving about much, can lead to excess fat accumulation around your tummy, making your stomach appear bigger, along with an expanded waistline.

2. Increased Risk Of Cancer

Research has claimed that sitting for prolonged hours can weaken your body's capacity to flush out the toxins. Excess toxin accumulation in the body can lead to the abnormal multiplication of cells, leading to cancer.

side effects of sitting too long

3. May Cause Depression

Sitting for long hours can lessen the blood's capacity to carry optimum levels of oxygen to the brain. When your brain doesn't receive enough oxygen, you may be more prone to mental ailments like depression, anxiety, etc.

4. Can Cause Joint Pain

Confining yourself to sitting on a chair for a long time can weaken your bones and muscles, causing joint pain and also leading to premature ageing of the bones.

side effects of sitting too long

5. Risk Of Heart Diseases

Sitting for prolonged hours can cause excess weight gain, cholesterol accumulation and obesity. These disorders in turn affect the health of your heart and may put you at the risk of cardiovascular ailments like heart attack.

Hence, make sure that you get off from your chain, now and then, and try to stay as active as possible!

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 22, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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