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What Happens When Your Body Lacks Enough Water?

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You might be able to survive without food for a day, but surviving without water for a day would be really tough. Water forms an important part of our body. About 70 percent of our body is comprised of water.

Water is present in our blood, muscles and bones and is responsible for maintaining our rate of metabolism. On a daily basis water is excreted from our body in the form of urine and perspiration.

Hence, it becomes essential to drink at least about 8 glasses of water everyday to make up for the losses and to maintain the substantial water requirements of the body.

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Also, during the summer season we tend to perspire more, so the intake of water also should increase accordingly to make up for the water loss from the body.

Apart from the proper functioning of our body, water is also necessary to prevent several diseases. If you are not drinking enough water then the risk of kidney diseases, urinary tract infections and certain other health issues rises.

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In addition to water, one could also increase the intake of watery vegetables, fruits and soups to make up for the daily water requirement for the body in order to remain healthy.

Here is a list of 9 health problems that might arise when the body lacks adequate water. Take a look.


1. Dehydration:

When there is insufficient water in your body you feel dehydrated. Dehydration then could lead to several other health problems.


2. Constipation:

When there is insufficient water in your body, it makes your stool hard and you tend to feel constipated. For a clear bowel movement, the body should have sufficient water.


3. Increase In Body Temperature:

When your body lacks water, it leads to increase in the body temperature. Sufficient water is required to keep your body cool.


4. Stomach Ulcer:

When the body lacks water, there will be less formation of mucous in the stomach. This affects digestion and leads to an acidic stomach and stomach ulcers.


5. Joint Pain:

The cartilage present in the joints comprises of about 80 percent of water. When water is not sufficient around the joints then it leads to inflammation and joint pains.


6. Low Blood Pressure:

Certain percentage of blood comprises of water. So when the body lacks water, it leads to a drop in the blood pressure level as well.


7. Rapid Heart Rate:

When the body lacks water, there is also a reduction in the salt, sugar and mineral levels in your body. This leads to abnormal heart rhythm.


8. Digestion Problem:

Water is one main component in the body that helps to push the food through the intestines and keeps your digestive system clean. When the body lacks water it leads to digestion problem.


9. Fatigue And Dizziness:

When the body lacks water, the tissues and cells do not get enough water. Hence, the enzymes fail to produce enough energy. This leads one to feel dizzy and fatigued.

Story first published: Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 16:00 [IST]
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