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Energy Drinks+Alcohol= Heart Attack?

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What happens when you mix energy drinks with liquor? Well, even death could occur say health experts. It is very dangerous to mix energy drinks and alcohol as one is a stimulant and another is a depressant.

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Consuming both of them together is like bombarding your whole system. Currently, there isn't enough scientific evidence to properly explain why this combination is so dangerous but health experts warn not to try such things.

There are many people who have the habit of mixing both energy drinks and alcohol. That could lead to heart attack and it has happened in several cases.

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In fact, some countries have banned energy drinks to avoid such incidents. Now, let us discuss more facts.


Fact #1

High doses of energy drink consumption can cause POT syndrome. This disorder can cause chronic fatigue.


Fact #2

Energy drinks are also linked with Orthostatic intolerance. It is nothing but a condition which makes your heart beat faster than normal when you get up from sleeping position.


Fact #3

As alcohol is a neurotoxin, it is also dangerous. Also some varieties of alcohol spike your insulin levels and may cause diabetes too.


Fact #4

Also, if you feel like consuming energy drinks often, it could mean that your body lacks enough energy which isn't a normal condition. Consult a doctor.


Fact #5

Health experts say that certain factors like stressful life conditions, lack of sleep, depression, bad nutrition and negative emotions may also increase the urge to try such experiments like mixing energy drinks with liquor.


Fact #6

People who suffer stress or anxiety should totally avoid both alcohol and energy drinks. Otherwise, their mental and physical health may go haywire.


Fact #7

Also as energy drinks consume lots of caffeine and artificial sweeteners which are carcinogenic and fatal, it is better to stay away from them.

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