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What Happens When You Listen To Music

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Yes, music is powerful. It is therapeutic whether you believe it or not. Therefore, choose your music carefully. Every sound you hear influences you at some or the other level. Good music helps and bad music disturbs.

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Uplifting soft music helps your system rejuvenate itself whereas loud noisy music that you actually love isn't so beneficial. Of course, when you are in a mood to celebrate and dance, you can always go for the loud music that makes you jump like you are in trance.

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But studies suggest that meditational music and soothing sounds do a lot of good to your body on a physical, emotional and spiritual level too. Now, let us discuss about those benefits.


Benefit #1

Certain studies claim that relaxing music can boost serotonin levels and keep you calm and happy for some time.


Benefit #2

Soothing music can also lower your heart rate. Even your blood pressure can come down a bit when you listen to pleasant notes.


Benefit #3

Your whole body can be relaxed with the help of music. When you lie down on the floor and listen to soft meditation music, you will feel relaxed after a while.


Benefit #4

You can minimise your stress levels by listening to soft music that stabilises your thoughts and your whole system.


Benefit #5

Your body's healing abilities work well when you are totally relaxed. As music calms down your system, your body can heal itself better.


Benefit #6

Those who are suffering from body pains can try listening to music every day as it may gradually help the body recover from the pains.


Benefit #7

Soothing music helps you fall asleep faster and also makes you enjoy quality sleep.


Benefit #8

Music can enhance productivity too. A survey claims that employees who listen to music get more work done in less time.

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