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This Mixture Helps You Wake Up Refreshed

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Most of us wake up tired and the reason behind this isn't easy to pin point as many factors could contribute to this condition.

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An unhealthy lifestyle could also be the reason. If you are not able to get enough of quality sleep, your body will always feel drained.

Those who aren't able to sleep well or wake up fresh, can try this remedy. An ingredient known as Himalayan sea-salt can work well on your adrenal glands. It can also regulate serotonin levels and regulate melatonin to make you sleep well.

To try this remedy you will need 5 teaspoons of organic honey and a teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt which comes in pink colour.

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Mix them well and and leave the mixture in a glass container,. Every night before going to bed, place a pinch of this mixture below your tongue. Let it gradually dissolve in your mouth. When you sleep and wake up the next morning, you may feel refreshed.

Now, let us discuss other benefits of Himalayan salt.


Benefit #1

It also minimises muscle cramps by enhancing the trace mineral levels in your body and keeping hydration levels stable.


Benefit #2

Himalayan salt can detoxify your body. It can balance your pH levels and keep you healthy.


Benefit #3

It provides certain important minerals to your body and also enhances hydration.


Benefit #4

It can also keep your blood pressure stable as it contains certain trace minerals.


Benefit #5

Certain studies also state that Himalayan salt can control blood sugar levels well.


Benefit #6

This salt also contributes to weight loss as it balances your hormones and improves energy levels.


Benefit #7

Himalayan salt is also said to support thyroid function. Many people consume 'sole' made of this kind of salt ever day for proper adrenal and thyroid function.

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