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9 Signals Of Your Body Not To Ignore

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Do you know the fact that the human body communicates with the brain about its well being? Well, if you are able to listen to your body's signals, you can always stay updated about its actual health condition.

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Every minute and every day, your body keeps telling you something. Most often, we tend to ingore the signals.

Sometimes, certain signals could actually indicate some other deeper problems but we tend to only notice what seems to be the issue on the surface. For example, if you feel like eating fish, it could indicate iodine deficiency in your body. Do you know that?

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Well, here are some other signals that can't be ignored as they indicate some other issues in your body.


Craving For Fish

It could be deficiency of iodine. Eating sea food can provide you with some iodine but consult a doctor too.


Cravings For Salads

Eating salads is a good thing but if you are craving for them then it could indicate liver issues or gastritis. Raw foods can surely soothe your system but consult a doctor to know the real reason behind the carving.


Craving Sour Food

Liver issues or gall bladder problems could also make you crave for sour foods frequently. Consume lemon juice often and drink some cranberry juice.


Bleeding Gums

When your body lacks enough of vitamin C, your gums may start bleeding. Garlic, fruits and green vegetables may help apart from lemon juice.



Potassium and magnesium deficiency could also make you sleepless and irritated all the time. Eat green leafy vegetables, beet roots, apricots, almonds and nuts.


Dry Skin

If you observe flaky skin without any other obvious reason like dry weather, then you could be suffering from vitamin E deficiency. Try to consume oily fish and nuts.


Craving For Salty Stuff

Some studies indicate that even inflammation in your body could also make you crave for salty foods. Consult a doctor for a check up if your carvings are frequent.


Brittle Nails

When your body lacks enough of vitamin B or calcium, your nails and hair may turn brittle. Consume milk, legumes, grains and potatoes.


Craving For Sweets

When your blood sugar levels are too low, you may crave for sweets. Try consuming honey and consult a doctor to get your sugar levels checked.

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Story first published: Monday, June 13, 2016, 13:25 [IST]
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