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Eggs+Vinegar = Control Blood Sugar

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When it comes to maintaining stable blood sugar levels, there are quite a few folk remedies. This is one such remedy believed to stabilise blood sugar levels.

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All you need in order to try this remedy is a boiled egg and some vinegar. Take the boiled egg and a needle. Pierce the surface of the egg gently with the needle and make small and long openings by scratching the surface gently.

Now, put the egg in a place or a vessel in which vinegar is present. Roll it a few times to let the vinegar seep into the egg through the openings made with the needle. Leave it for a night.

After waking up, eat the egg and drink some water. Repeat this remedy for 15-20 days and check your sugar levels after that. If they are lower, then this remedy has worked for you.

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There is another remedy using egg and vinegar which works well to strengthen your bones. Read on...


Step #1

Take a raw egg and place it in a cup. Fill the cup with apple cider vinegar. Make sure the egg gets immersed.


Step #2

Leave it there for a week. During this time, the vinegar tends to dissolve the shell of the egg.


Step #3

After a week, most of the egg shell will be dissolved except the lowest layer which is a soft transparent cover.


Step #4

You can split that layer and allow the egg to mix with the vinegar.


Step #5

After mixing the egg and vinegar well, you can take a teaspoon of the mixture and and mix it in a cup of warm water and drink it 3 times a day.


Energy Levels

This tonic energises you and strengthens your bones. The vitamins, calcium and the protein content of the egg will be absorbed better by your system this way.


Calcium Citrate

This mixture is calcium citrate and the yolk contains vitamin D. This mixture is said to prolong lifespan too.

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