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How To Control Your Hormones To Gain Muscle And Libido

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Your body is a complex machine inside which trillions of mechanisms take place simultaneously to keep you alive. All those countless activities need not be handled by you as they are automatic.

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And most of the crucial processes are handled by your hormones. They decide when you should sleep and when you must eat. They decide what to do with incoming calories- whether to burn them or store them as fat. They decide when you should sleep with your special someone.

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And most of the time, those hormones and their actions seem to be totally out of your control. But when you can tweak them a bit, you will surely feel better. Read on to know how to sleep better, maintain muscle mass and also boost your libido by understanding your hormones better.


Hunger Hormone

Leptin and ghrelin play an important role in regulating your appetite. Your stomach secretes ghrelin to make you feel hungry. But your fat cells secrete leptin to indicate that that you have some stored energy. When both of these hormones debate with your brain, the winner will decide whether you eat or avoid.


How To Control Hunger

By sleeping on time and maintaining its quality, your ghrelin levels and leptin levels tend to be normal. In sleepless people, ghrelin dominates and leptin declines. That makes them eat more.



Your thyroid informs every cell of your body about how much energy to spend or produce. When thyroid fails to work properly, you may start accumulating weight.


How To Control Thyroid

You need iodine through your diet to keep your thyroid healthy. Eggs, dairy and fish could help but consult a doctor if you are accumulating fat.


Muscle Building Hormones

Human growth hormone is responsible for your muscle gains. As you age, this hormone levels may dip.


How To Control The Growth Hormone

Weight lifting can spike the levels of growth hormone. Lift heavy and feel soreness. But consult a doctor to know whether you can lift weights.


Sleep Hormone

Your pineal gland plays a role in regulating the melatonin levels which influence your sleep patterns. Exposure to light also plays a role in the hormone secretions.


How To Control Your Sleep

Wind up early and sleep in a dark room to fall asleep as light could affect your sleep quality.


Libido Hormone

Testosterone governs your muscle mass, libido levels and sperm count too. With age, your T-levels may dip if you turn sedentary.


How To Control T Levels

Avoid alcohol as it may dip the T levels. Also, maintain an active lifestyle and lift weights to keep your T levels in tact.

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Story first published: Friday, June 10, 2016, 14:22 [IST]
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