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Lemon+Carrot+Apple+Beetroot= Magic Potion

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Fruit juices minus the sugar content are healthy. Also, fruit juices along with all the fibre are healthy. So, never add sugar to your fruit juices and never filter the fibre content away if you really want to do some good to your health.

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And then, when it comes to the right combinations of fruits, some combinations are not favourable whereas some combinations are magic potions.

One such miraculous combination is apple, beetroot with carrot and lemon. Yes, this combination offers many health benefits.

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Simply wash all of them and slice them into small and manageable pieces. Juice them up and drink the mixture immediately. Now here are its benefits.


Benefit #1

If you are suffering from hard stools, this mixture will ease your bowel movements.


Benefit #2

After an intense workout, you tend to feel the soreness and pain in your body the next day. But if you drink this mixture, you my cope up well with the soreness.


Benefit #3

This mixture is very good for your eyes and boosts your vision quality if you drink it regularly.


Benefit #4

This drink can boost your immunity and can effectively keep you resilient during seasonal changes.


Benefit #5

This mixture also protects your kidneys, liver and pancreas from certain disorders. It also soothes your stomach.


Benefit #6

This potion also controls your blood pressure and also keeps your lungs healthy.


Benefit #7

This juice keeps your digestive system in good shape and also curbs bad breath.

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