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Why Singing In Shower Is Healthy

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Some of us are bathroom singers. We prefer to sing a song while taking a shower. Do you know that it is healthy? Well, singing also has some health benefits.

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And yes, you don't need to be a great singer to enjoy those health benefits. Singing offers physical, mental and even spiritual health benefits too.

Singing is nothing but a process of releasing your inner energies that are locked up. It is a process of tuning your mind to the vibration of health and happiness.

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And when you sing inside a bathroom, you are not worried about who is listening, who is finding fault with you, who is criticising you and that is why you tend to be yourself while singing in shower. Now, let us discuss about the health benefits of singing.


Benefit #1

When you are singing, you tend to breathe in more oxygen. Also, singing is a good exercise for the muscles of your neck, throat, jaw and face.


Benefit #2

Singing also engages muscles around your abdomen, rib cage and back too. As those areas work hard to manage the inflow and outflow of air while singing, it is a good activity.


Benefit #3

As singing stimulates the larynx, it can minimise snoring and prevent insomnia too.


Benefit #4

Yes, singing also stimulates your thyroid. So, it indirectly affects your metabolism too.


Benefit #5

Singing songs methodically can also enhanace your motor skills and co-ordination skills. As you start learning the technicalities of singing, you enjoy the brain benefits too.


Benefit #6

Singing intensely can shake your whole being and detoxify your body at a very deep level.


Benefit #7

Singing is considered as a pain killer as it soothes your soul and helps you cope up with grief and depression. it can release pent up feelings or emotional blockages inside your heart.


Benefit #8

Singing reduces your mental clutter and helps you beat stress efficiently. Singing is a good therapy.

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