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How To Solve Circulatory Problems

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After a particular age, anyone could experience problems related to blood circulation. Sometimes, unhealthy food could be the reason and in some cases, unhealthy habits could be the reason due to poor circulation.

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Just by changing your diet and enhancing your activity levels could make some difference as fast as your circulatory issues are concerned. Especially, fatty foods could affect your blood vessels.

When blood never flows without obstructions, most of the functions of other organs would go for a toss. Gradually, certain chronic health issues could also develop.

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Now, let us discuss about certain simple steps to enhance blood circulation.


Tip #1

Simple breathing exercises and yoga postures do a great deal in boosting your circulatory system. Your whole body will relax and your system will thank you for bending a bit and breathing a bit more deeply.


Tip #2

If you can't run every day, at least walk. Walk for half an hour and your life will start changing for the better. You can reduce the risk of suffering several circulatory issues just by walking regularly.


Tip #3

If age is on your side and if you can lift weights, that would be the best thing to do to boost your circulatory system. Hit the gym.


Tip #4

If you hate working out like a gym rat, at least learn some stretching exercises which will make your body flexible. They also boost circulation.


Tip #5

Starting your day with pushups is another great way to pump some blood into your chest. Even 10 reps a day would make a difference.


Tip #6

If you hate all of the above, try to dance for a while listening to your favourite song. It will boost both your mood and your circulation.


Tip #7

If you are not willing to do any of the above, then totally abstain from fatty foods, alcohol and smoking for the rest of your life and eat natural foods.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 8:00 [IST]
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