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Causes Of Nerve Damage

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Nerve pain and nerve damage is a common reason for chronic or long term pain. Our nerves carry pain signals to the brain about harm to parts of the body, but nerves may also be a reason behind pain themselves. This could be from damage to nerves due to medical conditions, through injury or pressure, like a trapped nerve.

Causes Of Nerve Damage

These nerves control the unconscious or partly voluntary processes of the body, including heart rate, blood pressure level, digestion and temperature regulation. These nerves control your moves and activities by passing information out of the brain and spinal cord to the muscles.

Causes Of Nerve Damage2

These nerves relay information from the skin and muscles back to the spinal cord and brain. Since nerves are critical to all you do in life, nerve pain and injury can severely affect your standard of living.

Causes Of Nerve Damage3

Damage can happen to nerves in your brain and spinal cord. In some instances, people with nerve damage may have symptoms that indicate harm to two, or three, various kinds of nerves.

There are more than hundred various kinds of nerve damage. Peripheral nerve damage becomes increasingly more common with age. In one out of every three people with peripheral nerve damage, the harm comes from diabetes. In another third, the main cause of nerve damage remains unknown.

Causes Of Nerve Damage4

A wide range of several types of autoimmune diseases can cause nerve pain and nerve damage. Cancer may cause nerve pain and nerve damage in multiple ways. In other cases, specific types of cancer might result in nutritional deficiencies that impact nerve function. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy might produce nerve pain and nerve damage in certain individuals.

Whatever results in injury of nerves may result in nerve pain and nerve damage, including pinched nerves in the neck. Various substances which are taken into the body intentionally or not have the potential to cause nerve pain and nerve damage.

Causes Of Nerve Damage5

About fifty percent of individuals with diabetes mellitus suffer from nerve damage, which becomes much more likely as the illness develops. Just in case you have diabetes mellitus and are experiencing signs of nerve pain or nerve damage, you must consult a healthcare professional as quickly as possible.

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Story first published: Sunday, October 2, 2016, 12:00 [IST]
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