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Ways To Feel Good Even Without Meditation

Remember that feeling when everything around you seems so beautiful? When you are full of life and are looking forward to it.

Imagine feeling calm and composed, despite the adversaries in your life. Imagine having more energy in whatever you do.

Those who practice meditation know that it is a wonderful tool to release stress, anxiety and feel good about yourself. It will change your perspective and help in organising your thoughts better.

Studies have shown that meditation helps in a speedy recovery of ailments; it helps heal your wounds faster. It gives you a better stamina, sharper memory and increases concentration.

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One becomes a better person emotionally and mentally by practicing meditation. Meditation also helps in suppressing anxiety and depression tendencies.

But, it is not necessary to sit and meditate always, as there are some activities that have the same calming effect on us as meditation.

Today, we at Boldsky will list out more about the activities that make us feel happy and calm. These are simple activities that have unmatchable effects on your health.

Do these tasks to feel good even without the meditation.


Spend More Time With Your Family And Friends

Believe it or not, spending less time with your family and friends is one of the top regrets when you are on a death bed.

Studies have shown that our happiness is directly correlated to how much time we spend with our family and friends.
Social time can be important to increase your happiness. The more time you spend with your dear ones, the happier you will be.


Help Others

Studies have shown that those who dedicate a part of their lives to helping others are happier people. In fact, it is said that one should spend as much as 2 hours every week to help others in order to feel happy.

Scientists have found that doing an act of kindness can boost your mind like nothing else.


Smile.... Often

It is said that a smile is such a curve which sets everything straight. Smiling can make us feel happy, but if you back it up with wonderful and positive thoughts, you have a recipe for happiness.


Be Full Of Gratitude

It is often said that this small mantra can keep anyone happy and content in their lives. Keeping a journal of things and people you are grateful of, showing gratitude to people when they come to help you, sharing a positive news or info with your partner or friends is a great way of showing gratitude.



Exercising releases endorphin hormones that make us feel good. In fact, it said that it has such a great impact on our happiness levels, and it also said to curb depression.

Exercise helps increase our body image, keeps us calm and composed and keeps our brain stronger.


Spend More Time With Your Furry Friends

Studies have shown that even the simplest of acts like petting your canine friend or playing with it can have profound effects on the brain. It helps you feel calm, relaxed and happy.
When you pet your furry friends, a hormone associated with stress is reduced and the endorphins are produced instead, which make you feel good.



Researchers have shown that even the seemingly easy activity has calming and meditating effects on our mind and body.
This simple act of grabbing a piece of paper and penning down your thoughts helps to declutter your minds. It helps the mind to get some space and in turn helps us to relax.

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Story first published: Friday, April 22, 2016, 22:02 [IST]
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