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7 Ways To Be Happy And Satisfied With Yourself

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It is a human nature to feel low and let down sometimes, especially when you see more successful people around you. We somehow ignore our achievements thinking that they are little and do not count even in front of what others have achieved.

This can lead to to success somehow, as this sadness makes you to work faster for your goals, but will eventually make you unhappy also, until your reach your goals. Hence, we must understand that life is too short and should put in our efforts well and be happy with the outcomes.

You must also remember the fact that humans can never be satisfied with what they have. Even if you become a successful person, you will tend to compare yourself with the others who are more successful than you and this never seems to end.

Human greed will never end, until we learn to be happy with what we have. We must learn to appreciate ourselves with our achievements, which we consider as little. This is the only mantra to be happy with yourself.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best tips to appreciate yourself and to be happy. Here are the things that you must know how to appreciate yourself.


Believe That You Are Doing Better

Thinking that others are doing better than you will only make you more sad. As long as you are giving your 100 percent, you are doing more than anyone else. You never know how much efforts others must be putting in order to be more successful in life.


Don't Think That You Are Not Rich

Most people compare their financial status with other people and think that they are happy and successful people. Mind it that rich people are not successful, it is the effort that they put to make themselves more successful. These efforts can take you to great heights with your patience.


Don't Think That Influence And Money Attract People

It is not status, money or influence that will attract people towards you. If on seeing other's status makes you sad, then don't get disheartened, as you are yet to reach that milestone. If you are a writer and you write 10 articles per day, but still are not famous, check the mails of your readers who say that your articles have changed their life. This can surely make you feel better.


You Deserve Rewards And Even Break

If you are working hard to achieve something in life, then you deserve a break and give yourself rewards for your own hard work. Go ahead and enjoy, give yourself a break by going on vacations and spoil yourself. Don't wait for others to ask you for a break, as your efforts don't need any validation.


Write Down What You’re Good At Every Day

You must write down what you are good at. If you can't bear the pain and suffering of others and are the first one to reach out for help, then you have the best quality which only a very few people have. Like these, make a list of things about yourself. This will make you appreciate yourself better.


Never Compare Yourself With Others

You are created unique and hence never compare yourself with others. If you see someone more beautiful and rich, then you must not crib about your life. You never know what the other person's story is. God has made you more beautiful, as you can see the beauty around you, so never get discouraged. Regarding being rich, you too can be rich one day; however, note that not everyone who is rich is happy.


Remember We All Have To Die!

If you will remember this fact then you will never be sad with yourself. Remember all of us have to leave everything behind. So, there is no point in stressing about your achievements. Just try to be a better and honest person. Living your life happily is all that matters.

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Story first published: Friday, January 22, 2016, 12:00 [IST]
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