Unusual Facts You Must Know About Your Blood Type

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As we know, blood is the liquid form of life that enables living organisms to survive. There are 4 main blood groups and there are certain surprising facts that you should know about them!

Most of us may already know that the 4 main blood groups are A, B, AB and O, linked with positive (+) or negative (-), depending on whether certain antibodies and antigens are present or absent in them.

So, the blood groups of human beings are, A+, A-, AB+, AB-, O+, O-, B+, B-. O+ is one of the most common blood types and AB- is one of the rarest.

Unusual Facts About Blood Types

Now, although many of us may feel that all blood types are the same, specially when it comes to our health, it may not be completely true.

A recent research study has claimed that people with different blood groups have to follow slightly different lifestyle habits.

So, have a look at some of the unusual facts about the different blood groups here.


1. Nutrition

When it comes to blood groups and nutrition, it is important to know that there are certain types of foods that are good for certain blood types.

For example, people with blood type A must consume more red meat, people with blood type O must eat more protein-rich foods, if you have an AB blood type consuming more seafood and lean meat can be healthy and individuals with B blood group must also consume more of lean meat.


2. Pregnancy

Blood groups have a lot to do with how healthy your pregnancy is going to be, if you are a woman.

For example, many surveys have noted that women with AB blood group have a lower production of certain follicle stimulating hormones, which can allow them to get pregnant more easily, in comparison with women of other blood groups.


3. Weight Issues

It is believed that people with different blood groups have different challenges when it comes to weight issues, be it weight loss or weight gain.

Research studies on weight gain issues have shown that individuals with blood type O are more likely to develop belly fat, in comparison with the other blood types and people with blood type A have higher chances of developing belly fat.

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