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Tips To Prevent Ovarian Cancer

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It is difficult to detect ovarian cancer in its first stage as it seldom shows any obvious symptoms. And by the time you see symptoms, it could be too late to cure it.

Therefore, is considered as one deadly disease women suffer from. Maybe, regular cancer screen tests could help.

Also, there are certain preventive measures to be taken. Here are they:


Eat Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are rich in compounds that prevent many types of cancers. Broccoli and cabbage contain sulforaphane and spinach contains apigenin which are said to be compounds that fight cancer. Eating them at least twice or thrice a week can help.


Avoid Processed Meat

Certain studies claim that excessive consumption of meat can increase the chances of ovarian cancer. Also, it is better to avoid red meat and processed meat altogether.



As sugar is said to fuel the growth of cancer cells, it is better to mininsie its intake. Also, sugar changes the environment of your body making it favourable for cancer cells to grow.


Drink Green Tea

Another study claims that consuming eat regularly can prevent the risk up to an extent. Flavonoids present in tea are said to minimise inflammation and prevent cancer.



As a preventive measure, ensure that you go for a low fat diet and an active lifestyle. Avoid alcohol and be consistent in your workouts.


Citrus Fruits

Even citrus fruits are said to contain flavonoids which inhibit growth of cancerous cells.



Some women above the age of 40 choose the removal of ovaries but there isn't enough evidence to say that it's a healthy option as it could cause menopause. Consult a doctor to get a better idea about the pros and cons of such practices.

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Story first published: Monday, December 19, 2016, 7:52 [IST]
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