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Things To Remember Before Going For A Surgery

By: Sneha A

If you’re having a surgery, there can be a number of things to consider before surgery, so as to make the entire procedure not so tough on you.

You need to toughen up physically as well as mentally to reduce the amount of complications that might occur during the operative process.

A number of questions must be popping up in your head, which definitely need an instant clarification.

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You might have even heard of hard-to-believe stories of other people and their experiences during a surgical process. But, do not stress, and keep your head calm.

If you keep certain points in mind before and after the operation, you will not have to go through any kind of those ordeals that they have described to you.

Remember, you also will have to take up responsibilities too, to ensure an uncomplicated situation.

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You will have to make certain lifestyle changes, let go of some unhealthy habits and a few more things for a shorter stay in the hospital and a quicker recovery.

All these play an extremely crucial role to help you get your life back to normal after the surgery as soon as possible. So, make sure to keep in mind these things before undergoing a surgery.


1. Do Your Own Research

You need to ascertain that the doctor you have chosen is well qualified and well experienced for the task he/she is going to take up. Gather all the essential information like previously dealt cases, facilities provided, etc, about the doctor as well as the hospital for a safe operation.


2. Discuss If There Are Easier Options

Ask your doctor if there is an easier surgery option for your condition that comes with lesser risks. If there is, it means shorter stay and faster healing.


3. Get Yourself Well Informed About The Procedure

Keeping yourself well aware with the dos and don'ts of the procedure you'll be going through will help you deal with the situation in a better manner.


4. Get In A Better Shape

Begin with a workout regimen, so as to improve your lung capacity, so that the alveoli does not collapse due to the anaesthesia.


5. Improve Your Eating Habits

Increase the nutrition value of your plate, as you need to have a strong immunity to bounce back and heal quickly.


6. Stop Smoking

Nicotine in the cigarette causes the blood vessels to constrict, and hence the wound is devoid on the required amount of oxygen to heal faster.


7. Surgery On A Weekend Is Not Such A Good Idea

A number of people think having a surgery on a weekend is less fussy, but in reality, these are often the off hours for the most experienced doctors and nurses.


8. Leave The Makeup Behind

One needs to take a shower with an antibacterial soap before the surgery, and you need not to wear any makeup. Avoid on the nail paint as well, as even the colour of the nails will be checked to determine the health condition on the day of your surgery.


9. Find Someone To Accompany You

Have someone to come with you to help you before and after the surgery. Also, make sure not to take a lot of people with you. Having one person to help you should be enough.


10. Stay Positive

Stay calm and positive. It is only the strength of a human that will help in attaining the unimaginable. So, remain calm and composed for the day.

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Story first published: Friday, April 22, 2016, 2:00 [IST]
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