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7 Surprising Signs Of Food Addiction That You Must Not Ignore!

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Do you consider yourself to be a "foodie"? Do you often feel like you do not know when to stop eating, when it comes to having your favourite food? If yes, then maybe you should look out for certain symptoms of food addiction.

Yes, food addiction is a rather serious psychological condition that can affect people of any age and gender!

Normally, when we indulge in overeating, we brush it off thinking that it is nothing serious; however, there is a huge difference between overeating occasionally and having a food addiction.

Symptoms of food addiction can hamper a person's daily activities and even health in a negative way.

As we know, side effects of overeating can lead to a number of health disorders like obesity, indigestion, heart problems, high cholesterol, etc.

So, food addiction, which is an extreme form of overeating, can cause serious health issues too.

Certain symptoms of food addiction can be confused with normal overeating, so it is important to know the differences.

Here is a list of symptoms of food addiction that you must never ignore, have a look!


1. Fatigue

Side effects of constant overeating or food addiction can lead to fatigue, right after eating, as consuming a lot of foods, especially if they are high in calories, can make a person feel bloated and tired!


2. Nausea

Symptoms of food addiction involves eating until you feel nauseated or sick. Usually, people with food addiction do not know when to stop and they can go on eating until they are nauseated.


3. Trigger Foods

People with food addiction have certain trigger foods that make them want to eat non-stop, even if they have made up their minds to eat healthy and not suffer from the side effects of overeating!


4. Eating Alone

Symptoms of food addiction also involves wanting to eat alone, as the person feels that if they indulge in overeating in a group, they might be judged or that their problem may come to light.


5. Binge Food Shopping

People with a food addiction usually go on shopping sprees where they shop food that they can binge on, all day. This action may result in many side effects related to overeating and also cause obesity.


6. Lack Of Self-Control

Symptoms of food addiction involve a serious lack of self-control when it comes to having food, even if the person is well aware of the side effects.


7. Indigestion

People with food addiction tend to suffer from indigestion, obesity and their related conditions often. This is one of the main food addiction symptoms.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 30, 2016, 11:24 [IST]
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